How To Join Valorant Scrims Server?

Valorant is a multiplayer, competitive, First-Person shooter game. It is one of the best Role-playing games. Many players in the game want to be the best at it and complete more challenges than matchmaking currently allows. 

Esports uses the term scrims a lot. Scrims, Pro Scrims, and Scrimage are the same thing. Essentially, it is a practice match between competitive or professional players. It helps players get to practice for the game and get better at it. 

In this article, I will explain how scrims work in Valorant and how you can join a Scrim server in Valorant.

How do I join a Scrims server in Valorant?

There are several ways that players organize Scrims matches. Here are the steps you can follow to join a Scrims Server:

  • Find a Discord server that organizes and hosts Valorant Scrims matches. There are many Discord servers like this, so you can find one that fits your region and skill level. You can find it by searching “Valorant Scrims” on Discord, and you will get a list of servers. 
  • Once you find a server, join it, but before you do, read the rules, as each server has its own set of rules. 
  • After you read the rules, you must look for a team to Scrim against. Usually, channels on the Discord server are dedicated to finding Scrim partners. You can also post in the general channels to see if anyone is interested in Scriming. 
  • Now that you have successfully found a team to Scrim with, you must agree on a date and time to play. You can do this through Discord’s Scheduling system. 
  • When the time of the match comes, you will have to join the voice channel. Now you will be able to start playing the scrim. 
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What are the Valorant Scrim Servers I can join?

Here are some of the most popular Valorant Scrim Servers:

  • VALORANT scrim (NA)
  • Valorant EU Scrims 
  • OCE Valorant Scrims 
  • Valorant Scrims Central
  • Valorant Scrims SEA

That is all for this article about Scrims Servers in Valorant; I hope this article gives you all the answers you were searching for.