How To Set Camps in Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts is an action-role-playing video game developed by Omega Force and published in 2023 by Electronic Arts under its original label. The game is set on a huge-open world map with five vast regions for players. 

Players in the campsite can set up various locations all around the map by placing Hunter’s tents. It acts as a travel point and respawn point that will be used to teleport to the Dragon pit location. 

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about Dragon Karakuri, Dragon Pits, where and what you can build, and all Dragon Karakuri can do. 

Wild Hearts: Unlocking Fast Travel

Wild Hearts Camp
Image via Electronic Arts

You can set it up by placing Hunter tents by opening Dragon Karakuri. Its menu can be found inside the Conjure Wheel. You can right-click on your PC to access it or use the left shoulder button on your controller. 

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After opening Dragon Karakuri, search for the Hunter’s Tent and select it. Hold the confirm button to place it wherever you want. Hunter Tents can only be placed in specific dragon pits with enough Dragon karakuri. 

Tent building needs earth materials that can be collected by expanding the dragon pit in the region. Each will have an orange or yellow icon, with yellow indicating sufficient materials are available while red indicates insufficient materials for Dragon Pit expansion. 

Setting Camps and Hunter Tents in Wild Hearts

There are special locations in Wild Hearts that are designated campsites. You only need 5 earth dragon pit materials to place a hunter tent here. It will allow you to conserve resources and place more hunters.

Finding these areas might be difficult as they are hidden zones spread across the map, but they are usually at higher altitudes or near Healing water springs. The game will also notify you that a designated camp has been found when you stumble across one. 

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