How To Skip Cutscenes in Jedi Fallen Order?

Don’t want to sit through the long Cutscenes in Jedi Fallen order? Let’s see if you can skip them to get to the gameplay.

Players usually want to skip cutscenes while playing a game when they want to speed run the game, or they are playing the game again and do not want to watch the cutscenes, so the skip cutscene option benefits them.

When Jedi Fallen Order was released, it had quite a few things which disappointed the player, like being unable to skip cutscenes. Even though Star Wars Jedi Survivor had a cut skip cutscene feature, let’s look into how you can skip that first.

How to skip Cutscenes in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Jedi Fallen Order Skip Cutscenes
Image via Respawn Entertainment

For whatever reason, you want to skip the cutscenes in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You might miss some significant story plots. To skip the cutscenes in Jedi Survivor.

  • For Xbox, just hold “B.”
  • For PlayStation, just hold “Circle.”
  • For PC, press the spacebar.
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To skip the cutscenes and get into the gameplay. It is straightforward and quick.

Can You skip cutscenes in Jedi Fallen Order?

However, in Jedi Fallen Order, you are only allowed to pause the cutscene and not skip what is happening in the story.

You can not press a quick and easy button to skip the story and get to the gameplay, but you can pause to bring snacks. You can also access the in-game menu, settings, journey, and tactical guide when you pause a cutscene. 

The cutscenes nearly make 3 and 11 minutes of the gameplay. But watching the cutscenes will give you a unique experience of the story with fantastic gameplay. EA made a Cutscene skipping option for the game, but they did not release it upon its release.

That’s all on skipping the cutscenes of Jedi Fallen Order, which sadly you cannot, so it is better to get some popcorn ready to eat through the cutscenes.

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