Is The Hunter Call of The Wild Multiplayer

Aside from its single-player mode, The Hunter Call of The Wild has a multiplayer mode which allows 8 players to join and hunt on the same grounds.

Multiplayer works via the Steam server network. There are two ways to play multiplayer in The Hunter Call of The Wild: you can either host a game and allow other players to join or you can join an existing game and hunt together with friends or even complete strangers. 

There is a host in the multiplayer game. The host owns DLC for the map and call also allow other players to have it. If the host leaves amidst the game and other players don’t have DLC for the map, the remaining players will have 15 minutes before the session is terminated. 

Multiplayer is a great mode if you’re looking to explore the same map, track same animals and even cooperate to take down large prey with friends. There are a few things to know about gameplay in multiplayer before getting into it.

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Multiplayer in The Hunter Call of the Wild

multiplayer hunter call of the wild
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The gameplay in multiplayer has a few differences from single-player.

  • Mission system is disabled. Players cannot complete any missions in multiplayer mode.
  • Instead, host can activate challenges for players to complete. This include things like amount of harvested animals or number of a specific type of animal killed. These challenges however do not reward any cash or XP for completing.
  • Spotting an animal will make it visible for all players in proximity.
  • In the case a player harvests an animal shot by another player, cash and XP will be awarded to the player who shot the animal. The animal however will be registered in the hunting log of the harvesting player.
  • Players have an indicator in-game and on the map which displays their name and distance.

Multiplayer is an interesting way to experience The Hunter Call of the Wild game. It is best enjoyed when you have unlocked all outposts and built all hunting structures.

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If you have not played The Hunter Call of The Wild in multiplayer, why not try it today. Leave a comment on your thoughts. This is all for this short guide for more similar updates and guides do refer to our Homepage.