Is WWE 2K23 cross-platform? Answered

 WWE 2K23 is a 2023 professional wrestling game introduced on 17th March 2023, developed by Visual Concepts, and Published by 2K.  WWE 2K23 is covering platforms like Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. WWE 2K23 is a Multiplayer and Single Player game.

Many users are curious, whether it supports cross-platform play with your friends. As the game is released on major gaming platforms, many users have doubts that it is WWE 2K23 cross-platform. And Does WWE 2K23 support Cross-Progression? We have all the information you need to know about WWE 2K23.

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Is WWE 2K23 Cross-Platform?

As you know WWE 2K23 is available on Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, it’s common to wonder if it supports Cross-Platform. 

The answer is no, WWE 2K23 doesn’t support Cross-Platform Play. 

WWE 2K23 lacks a cross-platform feature, so players won’t be able to join each other through online multiplayer mode. They have to switch to different platforms to play together. Further, We hope that 2K will add Cross-Platform play in a future update so that all the users can join in one match which can help to increase the overall audience engagement. 

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Does WWE 2K23 support Cross-Progression?

Cross-Platform Progression is a little bit different from Cross-Platform, It allows users to move all previous device data to a new device, such as if you want to switch from Windows to PlayStation then you can save your PC data and with WWE 2K23 Cross Progression you can load your data in PlayStation. 

2K Games has announced in a FAQ section that “WWE 2K23 will have Cross-Progression and Shared VC Wallet apply to Xbox and PlayStationPlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S”. But you won’t be able to share DLC items from one generation to another”


WWE 2K23 will support Cross-Progression in 2023 but not the Cross-Platform feature in 2023. That means, if you have Xbox One and your Friend has PlayStation 5, then you won’t be able to join the multiplayer match and also in the 1 on 1 solo mode. But it will support Cross-Progression, where you can switch to a new generation with exciting WWE 2K23 data. 

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