Karl Malone’s Daughters: Meet Daryl Ford and Cheryl Ford

Karl Malone is a former American National Basketball Association star and one of the best power forwards in the history of the NBA. Karl is also famous as ‘the mailman.’ Daryl Ford is the son of Karl Malone and Bonita Ford. 

This article will cover the biography, age, career, net worth, and family information of star kid Daryl Ford.

daryl ford
daryl ford

Who is Daryl Ford? 

Daryl Ford is most famous as the son of former American basketball player Karl Malone. However, Daryl Ford isn’t the only child of Karl. Karl Malone and Bonita Ford also have a daughter, Cheryl Ford.


Daryl Ford was born in Homer, Louisiana, on June 6, 1981. In 2023, he and his twin sister will be 42. Daryl is well-known for being the son of former basketball player Kark in the National Basketball Association. 

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Although Daryl took basketball in high school, he later chose another career path. 


As of 2023, Daryl Ford will be 42 years old.

Relationship between Daryl’s Parents

Karl Malone met Bonita Ford in college. The couple had two children, Daryl and Cheryl. At that time, Karl was 17, and Bonita was only 13 or 14. According to the news, it took many years for Karl to warm up his relationship with his children. 

Karl Malone Family
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Daryl Ford has a twin sister and four half-siblings. His twin sister is named Cheryl Ford. Cheryl has won the WNBA championship three times, following in her father’s footsteps in professional basketball. Other siblings of Daryl Ford are Demestress Bell.

K.J. Malone, Kalee, and Kyle

Demetress Bell is an offensive tackle in American football, whereas K.J. Malone is a former offensive lineman in football. Their half-sister, Kylee, is a successful businesswoman.

Net Worth

There is no information on Daryl Floyd’s net worth. However, his father’s net worth was $55 million. 

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