Malika Andrews boyfriend? – Who is She Dating Now Answered

Malika Andrews has been the most popular player in the NBA. She is a fan favorite and one of the most respected NBA hosts. But due to being linked to a tragedy involving Brandon Miller and a gun accident, she has been involved in many controversies. But people know very little about her dating life, as she likes to keep it private.

If you want to know more about who she is currently dating, then you are at the right place, as I have gathered all the information on  Malika Andrews’s boyfriend in this article below. 

Who is the boyfriend of Malika Andrews?

Who is Malika Andrews boyfriend
Malika Andrews boyfriend

Even though Malika Andrews has been a very famous TV personality, she has still managed to keep her love life private. But in early February, rumors surfaced about the NBA host dating someone in the same circle. People were shocked that it was none other than ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

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According to several sources, Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin have been in a relationship since the beginning of 2022. Dave is also a reporter and journalist working for ESPN and was employed in the NBA before.

Where did Malika Andrews and her boyfriend, Dave McMenamin, meet?

It is still not confirmed where the two met, but since they both work in the field, it can be safe to say that they met during their career working together. 

What is the job of Malika Andrews’ rumoured boyfriend, Dave McMenamin?

Dave McMenamin also works as a journalist and a TV analyst for ESPN. He has been employed there since 2009 and started his journey as a journalist in the spectator sports industry in 2005. He graduated from Syracuse University and used to play basketball at the University of Limerick. Also, being a best-selling author, his estimated net worth is around $5 million in 2023.