Mean Spirited Money Hoarding Person Crossword Clue

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One of the best habits you can form is to solve crossword puzzles because it has several advantages. Developing your English vocabulary and fighting spirit can help you meet problems in the future.

The New York World published the first crossword puzzle on December 21, 1913, and it was created by a journalist by the name of Arthur Wynne. The first crossword is free of any black areas and has a diamond-like shape.

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Mean Spirited Money Hoarding Person Crossword Clue

Below we mentioned the answer clue of the “Mean Spirited Money Hoarding Person” crossword puzzle that we featured on the New York Times Mini Crossword.

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Crossword PuzzleAnswer Clue
Mean Spirited Money Hoarding PersonMISER (5 Letters)

We advise you to compare the clue’s length or letter count with crossword puzzles. Many times, there are multiple ways to solve a given clue. You may check out our NYT Mini Crossword Clue area to see more crossword puzzles.

February 19, 2023, Other Crosswords

How to Become a Better Crossword Solver

If you love crossword puzzles as much as we do and are looking for a guide to enhancing your crossword-solving abilities, then look no further. Here are some advice that we included below that may prove useful to you.

For instance, always use a pencil when attempting to do a crossword puzzle. Second, start with the simplest problem. Attempt to concentrate on guessing more words at once. Thirdly, always ask for assistance from others if you find yourself in a bind. And finally, always take a rest before trying again.

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