Monster Hunter Now release date and gameplay details

From pocket monsters to monsters, Niantic is set to take another leap in the Augmented Reality gaming world. The makers of Pokemon Go will debut Monster Hunter Now next month. Watch out for dragons, hydras, or legendary beasts popping up near the streets or in gardens following the global release of MHN.

Fans are expecting the real-world hunting action RPG to be a huge success because it will be the first time that AR-gaming pioneer Niantic joins hands with iconic Japanese video game company, Capcom. Moreover, Monster Hunter Now will have unique gameplay instead of the usual catch-the-monster-to-control-them mechanics.

Monster Hunter Now release date and details

Developed by Niantic and Capcom, Monster Hunter Now will be globally released on September 14, 2023. It will mark a new era of AR-based monster hunting games but replicate the progression of mainline monster hunter games. Players will need to upgrade their gears and craft better weapons to take down powerful monsters either in teams or solo.

Defeating a monster will reward players with craftable materials and gears. They can upgrade their arsenal on mobile. Watch out for special events, Raids, and even research missions similar to Pokemon Go to grab hold of some legendary gears. As you would’ve guessed, the whole point of the game is getting the best armor, swords, and shields.

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Speaking of the PvP or Leaderboards, it is unknown whether players will be able to battle other players in classic RPG sword-clashing style.

Weapons in Monster Hunter Now

The following weapons will be obtainable/craftable in Monster Hunter Now:-

  • Sword and Shield – best for a balanced build in DPS and Defense
  • Great Sword – heavy sword with low movement speed but massive damage per hit
  • Light Bowgun – bowgun with a good range and moderate damage per hit
  • Longsword – classic monster hunter longsword with moderate damage per hit
  • Hammer – bashing damage with a strong power move
  • Bow – Lower damage than light bowgun but makes up for a high dodge rate/reflexes

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