Mritunjay Jadon




Editorial Director Education

B.Com Mass Communication, Information of Technology 

Jiwaji University, Gwalior, India


  • Gaming
  • Apple Watch
  • iOS, macOS, tvOS
  • Streaming and Audio
  • Education Tech



Mritunjay Jadon has expertise’s in Gaming and Technology. Mrtiunjay is writer and editor with more than 9 years of experience writing gaming, technology, news, reviews on Gameinstants, KeepTheTech and StreamingCord.

Founded the Gameinstants, KeepTheTech, StreamingCord, and more blogging sites .

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). Mass communication.
  • Unreal Engine Course
  • Education technologist for  Jiwaji University


Mritunjay Jadon is an editor and writer who focuses on consumer and enterprise gaming for a broad range of outlets. He’s been writing online for more than 10 years; before that, Mritunjay perfer to play video games and learn more about the gaming devices.

Mritunjay relevant experience includes:

  • How-To’s articles, News, Tips on Gameinstants and KeepTheTech.
  • Gaming educator on JoyFreak, ResetEra, Blizzard Forums Quora and more platforms.
  • Created and edited graphic layouts for a Vividographic .
  • Six years of writing gaming and technology. He prefer to explore all corners of gaming by himself.  
  • Helping gamers to complete different levels of several video games.
  • Founder of InfoPlug Media who holds brands such as KeepTheTech, Gameinstants and StreamingCord.

Since early 2014, Mritunjay has been a teacher and in free time started learn about video games. He mostly prefer to play RPG video games and explore the ways to fix the video games errors and gaming console issues.

My Gears

I have PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series X, Nintendo Switch version 2, HP and Dell Windows PC’s and Macbook Air. 


Mritunjay graduated from Jiwaji University with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a master’s degree in information technology. In 2017 he also completed Unreal Engine Course. Since then, he has completed online esports event. He’s eager to pick up new skills both informally and professionally.

Words From Mritunjay

“Since I started playing video games at the age of ten, my passion for them has grown significantly. My love of video games has taken over my writing, and I now write essays on them.”

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