My Landlady Noona Chapter 99 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Summary

My Landlady Noona is a Korean Drama and Romance Manga. It currently has 99 chapters, you can read it only on Toptoon.

Chapter 99 of the Korean manga My Landlady Nonna has been finally released for the anticipating fans; it has some lovely Nari moments. In the last two chapters, we could see the main characters getting close to each other.

The spoilers of chapter 99 were posted and the story seems to reach its ending soon, but we still don’t know how many more chapters till the final one. Now if you haven’t read the 98th chapter yet I don’t recommend that you read this, but for the rest of you, let’s get into the spoilers for the My Landlady Noona chapter 99.

my landlady noona
My Landlady Noona 99/ CC: Toptoon

Chapter 98 of My Landlady Noona

Previously in Chapter 98 of My Landlady Noona. We could see. 

  • Minwoo and Nari have a romantic moment in the restroom.
  • After the hint in the last chapter, it sure looks like Min-woo will go all the way.
  • Meanwhile, Some of the idol trainees went to the bathroom hall and started practicing dance moves.
  • When Min-woo picks up Nari, they hear sounds from inside, but they cannot look to see if there is another person.
  • After they left, Min-woo was continuously going on.
  • Nari had a lot of cute expressions and also had cat ears in one scene to make her. look even cuter.
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That was all we could see in Chapter 98. Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter of this manga.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 99 Spoilers

My Landlady Noona, Chapter 99 spoilers.

  • Start with Minwoo and Nari on a date in a cafe.
  • Nari ordered a huge ice cream type coffee while Minwoo searched for something on his phone.
  • He was searching on the internet how many idols have been in a relationship.
  • In one of the panels, you can see that they had a small passport-size photo of them together on their phone.
  • Then you can see that Min-woo is getting a message from Hari in his room.
  • Also, Yoo-hee and Bada are going to make an appearance in this chapter.
  • Hari and Nari’s mother has returned once again, and she looks stunning in her outfit.
  • Minwoo hugs Hari in front of her.