Nasty Lana Rhoades Kids Meme and more

The search for Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy continues as new stories and links come to light. After her son, Milo, was born, many fans wondered if the child’s Father was Kevin Durant.

However, these rumors were short-lived, and a new name came into the spotlight. People speculate that maybe Blake Griffin is the baby daddy after seeing Milo’s picture posted online. 

This rumor soon spread like wildfire, and most people started to believe this without either party’s official statement.

In the meantime, Rhoades was seen busy with promotions of her new brand. There are a lot of similarities that could be spotted between Milo and Griffin, which makes fans speculate more about them. Many fans have also started creating memes on this topic.

Below I will tell you everything about why Lana Rhoades’s son memes are on the internet and who could be the baby’s Father, so stay tuned.

Is Bruce Brown Lana’s child’s Father?

Lana recently posted a picture on her social media mentioning Bruce Brown in it, which led to people wondering if he is the biological Father of Milo.

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However, these are baseless rumors, and no evidence has been found yet to prove this theory and allegations. Rhoades was also seen commenting on a live stream of Bruce Brown and, much to fans’ shock, revealed that his son has NBA DNA in his blood.

This statement proves one thing: the Father is from the NBA. Also, Lana once said she went on a date with a Brooklyn Nets player. 

On the other hand, Bruce is all set to play for the Nuggets in the NBA finals next week and is considered one of the key players of his team.