Photos of Rey Mysterio’s Face without mask

Rey Mysterio’s name is among the most significant players who played in the WWE ring. He is called The Biggest Little Man to ever appear on the stage of [professional wrestling. Mysterio has had a great career thanks to his many accomplishments and awards. Due to his different wrestling styles and personality, he has made a name for himself in the wrestling world. 

From the start the mysterious mask he wore led him to fame at the beginning of his career. The show is a tribute to his Lucha Libre Heritage. His fans, though, have always been eager to see Rey Mysterio’s face behind the mask or even a glimpse of him without it. 

If you want to see the rare instances where Mysterio was seen without his mask, then you are at the right place, as I have put down the events where he was captured without his luchador mask. So keep on reading the article below.

Rey Mysterio without his famous Luchador Mask

Rey Mysterio Real Face
rey mysterio face

Below are the events where he was seen without the mask:

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Saudi Arabia Royal Rumble Event 

During the most incredible royal rumble, held in Saudi Arabia in 2018, many mega stars visited the event to attend it. The WWE renowned star Kurt Angle also shared a picture with his fellow stars online.

The picture’s highlight was Rey Mysterio, who was spotted in the picture without his mask alongside Kurt Angle and the Great Khali.

During a match in WCW

In a tag-team match in 1999, Rey Mysterio participated in a stipulation match with NWO as his opponent. It was the first time the superstar was seen by his fans without his mask.

During a Family Vacation

Mysterio was spotted relaxing with his family during a family vacation without his mask on.

In Charlotte Flair’s Wedding Event

During the star-studded wedding of Charlotte Flair, Mysterio attended the wedding where he was seen without his legendary mask on.