Pokemon Go:How To Get Shiny Espurr

Espurr is a Gen VI Psychic-type Pokémon which from its looks is very adorable. It is a small, feline Pokémon with a slender body and large, pointed ears. Its ears are said to contain its psychic energy, which it uses to protect itself from danger.

In Pokémon GO, Espurr can be evolved into Meowstic with 50 Espurr Candy. Meowstic has two different forms, depending on its gender. The gender of Meowstic will be determined by the gender of espurr which you evolved.

Male Meowstic has slender body and long, pointed ears, while female Meowstic has a more rounded body and shorter, rounder ears. Both forms of Meowstic are Psychic-type Pokémon.

How To Get Shiny Espurr in Pokemon Go

shiny espurr pokemon go
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Shiny Espurr is a rare variant of the Psychic-type Pokémon Espurr. It has a light pink coloration instead of the normal blue, and its eyes are a bright yellow.

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Shiny Espurr was first released in Pokémon GO in February 2022, and it has since been available in the game. It is a popular Pokémon among collectors, and its rarity makes it a sought-after prize.

You can catch Shiny Espurr by defeating it on Spotlight Hour or in a Community Day event and apart from the event, there are two ways you can catch Shiny Espurr in pokemon go.

Find it in 1-Star Raids

This is the best way to get your hands on Shiny espurr. You can defeat in a one-star raid, which is typically easy to handle. Check the Raid Tab on your Pokemon Go app frequently. This is the best way to find out if there are any Shiny Espurr raids happening in your area.

Hatching 10 km Eggs

Espurr can be hatched from 10km eggs. The chance of hatching a Shiny Espurr from an egg is 1/500. This means that for every 500 10km egg you hatch, you will on average hatch one Shiny Espurr.

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However, the chance of hatching a Shiny Espurr can be increased during events. For example, during Spotlight Hours, the chance of hatching a Shiny Espurr from a 10km egg is increased to 1/60.

So, if you’re looking to hatch a Shiny Espurr, your best bet is to hatch as many 10km eggs as possible during events that increase the Shiny rate.

I hope this guide helps you catch a shiny espurr in Pokemon Go.