Royal High Halo Tier List: (September 2022)

Royal High Halo is one of the most interesting fantasy video games to play. It is Roblox based video game in which you get to see mermaids, fairies and so much more. The game was called Fairies and Mermaids Win in the past, until 2017 when the lead game developer changed the game into a fantasy high school game.

In the Royal High video Game, the players are made to the game plot to explore different realms in the game and be a part of seasonal events that are hosted by the Royal High.

Every seasonal period in real life adds a couple of realms that can be accessed by in festive period. In the game, a halo can be defined as a wearable that is hard to get in royal high. With the list of high tiers, a gamer can be able to identify the best tier halos and their prices. Sometimes the players get these halos out of luck while the others can win it out without being a part of the contest. 

There are some ways to obtain it;

  • A player can find a halo at the fountain that is located in Divinia park in the game.
  • They can trade to get halos
  • Finally, they can be gifted with halos after winning the quest.
royale high halo

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S Tier: Royal High Halos (2022)

 There are only 3 Halos on the list

s tier royal high halos
halo tier list

The Autumn Halo 2019

This halo is in medium demand by players, when they win the game they receive a badge called the “A seasons to behold Natures Palette”. The price of this is 2.6 million diamonds and this is very rare only 1331 players get this Halo.

The Winter Halo 2019

Another Halo is in medium demand in the game. When they win they receive a badge called the “Icy blast badge”. The price for this halo is 2.3 million diamonds. Only 1706 players get this Halo.

Halloween Halo 2019

This is in very low demand, and it is one of the most costly Halo in the game. They receive the badge “whispering spirits badge” when they win the game. The price of the Halo is 3.5 diamonds. Only 871 players possessed this Halo.

A Tier: Royal High Halo (2022)

royale high halos

There is only 5 halo on the list.

Valentine Halo 2020

this Halo is in Medium demand just like others. When the players win they receive an “official badge”. The price of the Haloid is 2 to 2.4 million.

The Glimmering Light halo

It the one of the most famous Halo. After winning the game players get “the glorious light Badge”. There are only 8083 players of Royale high that are in possession of this Halo.

Mermaid Halo 2019

The Halo is not in very much demand, when the players win the game they receive ‘ hidden In the sand Bridge” the cost of the Halo is around 1.4 to 1.5 million Diamonds. Only 4710 players got this.

Spring Halo 2021

Another Halo which is the Medium demand, it was available during the Easter event, they receive the “blooming blossoms Badge”.

Easter Halo 2019

Another famous Halo in the A tier. It Is quite expensive and players get a happy fluffy bunny’s badge. The cost of the Halo is 1.3 million diamonds.

B Tier: Royal High Halo Tier (2022)

royale high halo
halo tier list

This is the list of the Halos which are in possession of the players.

Corrupt Halo

This Haloid in low demand, the players get the badge called’ Darkness badge” the cost is 1 million diamonds.

Valentine Halo 2021

The Halo was released in 2021, and it is very much in demand, and the cost of acquiring this Halo is over 1 million diamonds.

Lucy Halo 2020

This Halo was present in the Sir Patrick event of March 2020. The cost of this popular Halo is 800k diamonds.

Halloween Halo 2018

This halo is in low demand but it was gifted to the players in the 2018 event of royale high. They receive an Eerie Fog Badge when they win. The price is around 650k.

Valentine Halo 2019

The valentine Halo of 2019 is an interesting Halo that is not very expensive as people think. The cost of getting this Halo is around 620k diamonds. Over 14,457 players got this Halo in the game, the gamers can customize the Halo.

C Tier of Halo Tier List (2022)

all halos in royale high
halo tier list

These are of the C tier because they are very cheap and readily available to royale high gamers.

  • Halloween Halo 2020- costing from 550k to 600k
  • The Lucky Halo 2019- costing from 500k to 520k
  • Mermaid Halo 2020- costing approximately 500k
  • Winter halo 2020- the price range of this halo in royale high is between 450k to 500k
  • Winter Crystal Halo 2020- this interesting royale high halo costs around 400k in-game diamonds.
  • Lucky Halo 2021- currently, the price of this halo in the game is not available
  • Spring halo 2020- the price range of this halo is between 300k to 350k

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the royal high halos with a complete explanation.

What is the best halo in Royale high?

Mermaid Halo 2019, is the best halo Royale High in the game. In Roblox Royale High, there are three Mermaid halos, all of which are stunning. This initial one, launched in 2019, is still regarded as the best and most valuable.

What are the high-tier halos in Royale high?

Glimmering Light Halo, Corrupt Halo, Halloween Halo 2018, Winter Crystal Halo 2018, Valentines Halo 2019, Lucky Halo 2019, Easter Halo 2019, Mermaid Halo 2019. These are some of the highest tiers in Halos Royale High.

Is there a new Royale high halo?

Royale High, the popular Roblox dress-up and the role-playing game has just unveiled their Winter Halo for 2021, and gamers are eagerly lining up to try their luck. Multiple little stars sit atop various curving icicles in this halo, which come together in the middle to illuminate one enormous, luminous star.

This is the end of the short guide, hopefully, you find this halo tier list helpful in order to know all halo games with their prices.

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