Royale High Halo Tier List (2024)

Royal High Halo is one of the most interesting fantasy video games to play. It is a Roblox-based video game in which you get to see mermaids, fairies and so much more.

Here we have featured our latest Royale High Halo Tier List to help Roblox players to know the most valued Halos within the game. It’s one of the best dress-up games in Roblox and you perform lots of activities within the game such as trading halos and more.

Before trading your halos you should know what is the worth of it. Well, com you easily find out the value of the Halo with our Tier List.

royale high halo values

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(Updated) Before we start here is an updated tier list made by @mallariaubrey

royale high halo demand list
halo tier list

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HaloTiersValues in Millions
Valentines 2021S-Tier2.9 M to 3.2 M
Autumn 2022S-Tier2.8 M to 3.4 M
Halloween 2019S-Tier2.5 M to 2.7M
Valentines 2020A-Tier2.45 M to 2.6 M
Halloween 2021A-Tier2.05 M to 2.2M
Lucky 2021A-Tier2.05 M to 2.2 M
Glimmering 2018A-Tier1.8 M to 2 M
Autumn 2019B-Tier1.8 M to 2 M
Spring 2022B-Tier1.45 M to 1.7 M
Winter 2019B-Tier1.45 M to 1.65 M
Mermaid 2019B-Tier1.4 M to 1.6 M
Halloween 2020B-Tier1.4 M to 1.6 M
Corrupt 2018C-Tier1 M to 1.3 M
Easter 2019C-Tier900k to 1.2 M
Mermaid 2022C-Tier850k to 1M
Valentines 2019C-Tier850k to 1M
Mermaid 2021C-Tier850k to 1M
Winter 2021C-Tier800k to 950k
Lucky 2020C-Tier800k to 900k
Halloween 2018C-Tier650k to 800k
Spring 2021D-Tier650k to 800k
Mermaid 2020D-Tier650k to 800k
Winter 2020D-Tier650k to 750k
Winter 2018D-Tier600k to 700k
Lucky 2019D-Tier500k to 650k
Spring 2022D-Tier450k to 550k

This is the end of the short guide, hopefully, you find this halo tier list helpful. For similar content do read our Roblox Guides for more helpful information such as how to trade in Roblox or what is AFK means in Roblox and more.

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