How to Get Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, the Secret Woods is one of the best places in the game to visit. In Secret Woods, you can find lots of things such as hardwood, books and lots of areas to dig up with the help of your axe.

The longer you play Stardew Valley, the more hidden woods you will discover. Secret Woods is easy to find if you know where to search. In this article, we’ll tell you how to obtain secret woods in Stardew Valley and hidden areas to visit once you leave your character’s farm.

What exactly is the Secret Woods in Stardew valley?

Secret Woods is a place in Stardew Valley on the western side of Cindersap Forest. It is only available when the player has reached level 15 and received their first telescope. The Secret Woods has a variety of nature-themed items, such as trees, pebbles, and even a pond.

This region is also used by animals such as rabbits and squirrels to hide. There are a number of other secret spots and trails in the Secret Woods that include valuable treasures and missions. The Secret Woods include seasonally forgeable as well as Slimes that will attack the player, so come prepared.

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secret woods stardew valley
secret woods stardew valley

How to Access the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley?

The secret woods are a particular place in Stardew Valley where you may locate unusual and rare items.

In order to reach Secret Woods in Stardew Valley, you must cut the log that is barring the main entrance of the woods into pieces.

Fetch a weapon, a hoe, and an axe for this excursion and then move to the farm’s southern exit direction in some time you will get to the Cindersap Forest. Once you reach the Cindersap Forest simply to the left edge of the map and once you’re on the Edge of the map.

You’ll need to use your axe in order to smash to the entrance to the secret woods To do so, you must upgrade your normal axe to a steel axe by giving Clint the blacksmith five Iron Bars and 5,000 gold. It’ll need two days to complete the upgrade.

What Can You Explore in Secret Woods?

The Secret Woods is a secret area. It’s a deep forest with numerous trees and plants, as well as its own native animals. The Secret Woods contains a wide range of hidden items.

In Secret Woods, you will get Hardwood, Worms, Fishing spots, statues, Stardrop, Sweet Gem Berry and more items.

Items You Will Find in Secret Woods

Each object has its own unique properties, and some even have more than one use! Here is a list of things that can be found in secret woods –

Hardwood: Hardwood may be acquired by cutting a Mahogany Tree with any axe you can chop a Large Stump with a Copper Axe or better, and a Large Log with a Steel Axe or better. You can obtain mahogany seeds by cutting stumps and fighting slime.

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Morel: It is a kind of mushroom spotted inside the Secret Woods throughout the spring.

Common mushroom – it may be discovered exploring in the Secret Woods in the spring and fall, the Forest Farm in the summer, and the Ginger Island mushroom cave.

Red mushroom – In the summer, the Red Mushroom may be obtained in The Mines by exploring inside the Secret Woods.

Chanterelle – The Chanterelle may be discovered exploring in the Secret Woods in the fall, or it can be cultivated in The Farm Caves if the Mushroom option is selected.

Fiddlehead Fern – The Fiddlehead Fern is a vegetable which has the upmost of being found in secret forests throughout the summer season (up to 78%). It is utilized in the Sewing Machine’s spool with Cloth in the feed to make Green Overalls. It’s also included in the Bulletin Board package.

Woodskip: The Woodskip is a species that may be caught in the Secret Woods’ Pond at any time of year. Woodskip may also be found if you have the forest farm type. Carp and catfish can also be found in rivers and mountain lakes.

Old master cannoli statue: If you buy and produce a Rare Seed from Traveling Cartthe eyes of the statue would turn red and you’re going to be given a reward. This can only work once you will no longer be able to interact with it after that. You can find this within Secret Woods above the fish pond. 

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Hopefully, you find this stardew valley guide helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley with complete information.

How can you gain access to Cindersap Forest?

To access, first remove a huge Log from Cindersap Forest, which is available after upgrading the Steel Axe. Each Friday & Sunday from 6 a.m. to 8pm around the northern side of the map, offering a random collection of things.

In Stardew Valley, what does the raccoon want?

Simply attempt to give anything the racoon requests! It shouldn’t be too difficult since it isn’t generally too complex. It genuinely becomes an endearing mini-game within Stardew Valley: you just deliver things to the racoon and watch it get happier.

What is the function of the dog statue in Stardew Valley?

The player will obtain access to the Statue of Uncertainty by accessing the Sewers. This weird shrine permits people to switch Professions as frequently as they like, for a fee.

In Stardew Valley, how can you get unlimited hardwood?

The Secret Woods, located in the northwest part of Cindersap Forest, is the finest spot to regularly find Large Stumps. It has six Large Stumps that respawn every day, allowing players to obtain twelve pieces of Hardwood on each visit.

What is the most valuable in Stardew Valley?

In many respects, starfruit is the most famous and profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It costs 750g, which is double the price of 400g from the Oasis Shop, which is unlocked by completing the Vault Community Centre package.