Skate 4 Release Date: All You Need To Know About

Wanted to know about the Skate 4 Release Date, what features this game has for players and more. Here we cover all the information about Skate 4 that was confirmed by the EA games until now.

Skate 4 is the fourth series of Skate one of the popular skating parkour video games. In 2010 Epic Games released Skate 3 and now the developers started working on Skate 4 currently in alpha testing developers are focusing on improving the in-game machines before the official release.

The development of Skate 4 has already been confirmed by Epic Games at the EA Play Event in June 2020. Since then the same has been under development in alpha testing, Electronic Arts shared some of the information about Skate 4 that we covered here.

When Does Skate 4 Coming Out?

skate 4 gameplay
Skate 4 is currently in Alpha Testing (Image Credit: Skate)

At the time of writing until now, EA Games has not revealed the official release date of Skate 4. More importantly, Skate 4 has successfully completed the 1 year of playtests this year in June.

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The EA Sports Blog post shows that playtesting of Skate 4 for PC has been done and console playtesting soon be started.

Electronic Arts also revealed in August 2021, that Skate will be available for Windows and Mac along with gaming consoles PlayStation and Xbox but it was not confirmed that it was exclusive to the next-gen versions.

EA also made changes to the website Skate FAQ section that shows the game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC and they also planning to introduce the game on mobile platforms.

More importantly, Skate 4 is currently in the Alpha Testing stages which means we can assume the game will be released in sometime the middle of 2024 similar to the release of Skate 3.

What Features Does Skate 4 Have?

Skate 4 will have a city map of San Vansterdam EA Games also mentioned that the game does not have any loot box or Pay-2-Win mechanics because they want players to enjoy the game without worrying about the price and platform.

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Is Skate 4 Cross-platform or Cross-Save?

Yes, EA Games Skate FAQ section confirmed that Skate 4 will support cross-platform and cross-progression. So players who own PlayStation, Xbox and PC can play Skate 4 together in groups from everywhere.

The most recent video uploaded by EA shows currently they are currently focusing on improving the Skate 4 gameplay machines. The video shows the players can jump over cars, levelling up their parkour stages, regarded than skateboarding people doing rollups and more.

In terms of features, Skate 4 has more than just skateboarding, the player can able to customize their appearance such as skateboard skins and more using the in-game purchases before entering into the multiple-player events.

The game also supports some cool skateboarding moves such as Wallies, Slappies, Boned ollies, Variable speed flip and Held flip confirmed by the EA Games in their press article.

Players can able to combine some of these tricks together for instance “being able to lean out and powerslide into a slappy.” So that’s all for the Skate 4 for now we keep updating new information here once it is confirmed by the EA Games for Skate 4 you can bookmark this page to more latest information for Skate 4.

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