Strong Like a Bet of Ten in the Pot NYT Crossword Clue

Here we answered the clue of the “Strong Like a Bet of Ten in the Pot” crossword puzzle. This puzzle is featured on the New York Times Mini Crossword. If you’re searching for the answer clue of this particular crossword puzzle then you’re in luck today.

Here at Gameinstants, we try our best to solve crossword puzzles and share their clue with you. Because many people have a busy schedule and cannot solve crossword puzzles, they adore puzzles a lot and want little help such as answering clues in the crossword puzzle. Well don’t worry here we got you covered.

Strong Like a Bet of Ten in the Pot Crossword Answer Clue

Below we mentioned the answer clue of the Strong Like a Bet of Ten in the Pot crossword puzzle that was published by NYT Mini Crossword.

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Make sure to cross-check the length or the letters of the clue with the crossword puzzle because most of the time lots of clues has multiple answers.

Crossword PuzzleAnswer Clue
Strong Like a Bet of Ten in the PotPOTENT (6 Letters)

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February 20, 2023, Other New York Times Crossword

If you adore crossword puzzles then you might history of this word game more interesting. Such as the first crossword puzzle is introduced by The New York World on December 21, 1913. This is just before the start of World War I and at that time crossword puzzles play important by distracting people from the hash news of the war.

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