Tank Legends Codes (2024)

Are you excited to know what codes will be released in September 2023 for the tank legends? You do not have to worry anymore. I’ve got you covered.

Tank Legends Codes September 2023

We Personally tested these codes at the time of writing all these codes are working but it makes me get expired with time. However, we keep updating new codes once they are released.

Here is the list of the latest active codes released for the game Tank Legends.

  • UPDATE2- Redeem 2x damage boost 
  • UPDATE6 – Redeem for a 2x Gems Boost
  • ANIMEWORLD – Redeem for 2x Coins Boost
  • SLAYER – Redeem for 2x damage boost
  • 1KLIKES2- Redeem 2x coins boost 
  • Release- Redeem 250 coins 

Tank Legends Secret Codes

  • SECRETCOIN145 – +1 Double Coin Boost
  • SECRETFST9527 – +1 Double Attack Boost
  • SECRETDMG3985 – +1 Double Damage Boost
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How To Redeem Tank Legends Codes?

Redeem Tank Legends Codes

You need to follow a few steps to redeem the above codes. 

Here are the steps:

  • Launch the game.
  • Click on the paw icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the gift box icon that appears next to the paw icon. 
  • Enter the code in the letter box. 
  • Click on accept.

After following these steps, you will be rewarded immediately. You know all the codes and how to redeem them. Keep in mind that these codes can expire. So it’s best to redeem them as soon as you can.

What is Tank Legends in Roblox?

The Tank Legends is one of the popular games in Roblox in which you can collect pets and get experience with a tank and collect gems. Simply stand beside the crates and when your tank shoots them and level your pets to get a more additional damage bonus. Get into new area and destroy the targets with your tank and pets.

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How To Get the Latest Tank Legends Codes?

You can get the latest Tank Legends Codes by following the Tank Legends gaming community on Roblox. You can also follow Tank Legends (@KanshyGaming) Twitter and Reddit accounts to grab the latest working tank legends codes without having much hassle.