This WWE Superstar Believes AJ Styles Deserves More Respect

Who is this WWE superstar Believes Aj Styles deserves more respect? Let’s learn who this WWE Star is and why they Believe AJ Styles Deserves more respect in this article.

Allen Neal Jones, known under the ring name AJ Styles is an American Professional wrestler of all time. He is currently signed to WWE, performs on the smackdown brand, and is the leader of the O.C Stable.

Karion Kross, an American Professional Wrestler currently signed to WWE., has said that AJ Styles deserves more respect even though they don’t like each other on WWE Television. Still, they do have respect for each other. 

What has Karion Kross said about AJ Styles?

Kavin Kesar, known under the ring name Karion Kross is a 37-year-old Professional WWE wrestler. He has alot of respect for his rival in the WWE ring. He has said some good things about him.

After Kross won a commanding match against Aj Styles in the most recent edition of Smackdown, Kross still showed his respect to his rival. He praised Aj for his fantastic work. He also said that it is excellent to work with and he is the best.

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Kross also added that the thing that makes AJ different is that he is brilliant and has a great ring IQ like no one else. Kross says he plans every match and structures his moves. He also thinks that people will study whatever Aj is doing now in the decade of a time and say that he is the only one doing what he is doing now.

Kross further adds that he knows when he gets in the ring with AJ, he is going to punch him in the face, but he will deal with it. Kross thing AJ is an intelligent player. 

That is all for this article on which WWE Superstar thinks AJ Styles Deserves more respect.