Warframe Epitaph Farm Guide

In the Warframe universe, there are lots of weapons along with hard-to-defeat enemies. No matter how many Warframe or weapons you farm but as a Tenno, you may need to swap with another weapon to deal with the enemies.

You have to master the primary and secondary weapons. As a secondary, you can always go with the Epitaph. Epitaph is a Pistol type secondary weapon. Nonetheless, Epitaph is Sevagoth’s secondary weapon which is mounted on its wrist. Epitaph did the slash damage, so it helps to slow down the enemies. 

Here in this guide, you will know how to farm Warframe Epitaph and a lot about the Epitaph Weapon Warframe. 

How to Get Epitaph in Warframe?

Warframe Epitaph
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Epitaph Warframe build requires some blueprints and components. To Build Warframe Epitaph Weapon you need to complete the mission – Void Storm Mission.

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Void Storm Mission is also known as the Void Fissure mission so don’t get confused. On the Void Storm type of mission players need to open the Void Relic to acquire the treasures from it. 

For Epitaph Warframe build you have to collect the barrels, Blueprints, and Receiver. On Void Storm Mission to collect each part, there is a 10% probability that you can get the item out of Void Relics.

Furthermore, it doesn’t bound by any type of Void Storm you can complete the mission on Earth, Venus, and Saturn as long as you succeed in the mission you will get the reward irrespective of the type of mission. So to receive the Blueprints, Barrels,, and Receiver you need to participate multiple times till you get the items. 

However, if you have enough Platinum, Currency of Warframe, then you can purchase the Warframe Epitaph Market with 225 Platinum.

Furthermore, to Craft Warframe Epitaph you will need the 20000 Credits and Seven Orokin Cells. Warframe Epitaph Build time is 12 hours and you can Rush it by spending 35 Platinum. 

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Although, Epitaph and Sevagoth are built for each other, so if you don’t have the Sevagoth, you can craft the Sevagoth by collecting parts from Neptune, Pluto, and Veil Proximax. Also, Sevagoth’s part has a 10% drop rate. Before that, you need to complete the Call of The Tempestarii quest. 

All you need to know about the Warframe Epitaph:

Epitaph Warframe is a pistol-type secondary weapon and Epitaph is a signature weapon of Sevagoth’s.

When Epitaph is fully charged you can perform the critical chances and critical multiplayer by punch through. Epitaph contains one magazine and reload time is less than one second 0.6 sec also projectile speed is around 200 m/s. 

You can do the slash damage and also impact proc on direct hits. Uncharche shots can damage the area within about an 8m radius as it encounters any surface or enemies.

If you have sevagoth warframe then the headshot damage will be 20% more. While using it doesn’t take a long time such as a crossbow but it will take a minor reload time of 0.6 sec as the fire rate is 1.5. 

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Overall you can use it, you need to complete the Void Storm Mission to get the components. It can be done on the Earth Proxima, Venus Proxima, and Saturn Proxima. The probability of drope is 10% so having to attempt multiple times may be.

You can also purchase it for 225 platinum. As you get the Blueprints, Barrel, and Receiver, you will need 20000 credits and seven Orokin cells to cook it will take 12 hours to craft. 

This is all for the Warframe Epitaph Farm guide for more similar guides do check our Warframe guides section.