What are Scabs and Dregs in Warhammer 40K: Darktide? [Explained]

Warhammer 40K: Darktide has lots of enemy types that you need to defeat while levelling up in the darktide. Such as Poxwalkers, Plague Burster, Bomber, Plague Ogryn and more. There are also some special types of enemies in the game.

This may confuse lots of players to make it simple there is a default type of these special enemies which are Scabs and Dregs.

Here we cover all information that regarding Scabs and Dregs specialists in Darktide that might come in handy for you without further ado let’s focus on the guide.

What are Scabs and Dregs in Warhammer 40K: Darktide?

Below we have explained what are Scabs and Dregs enemies in Darktide along with their all types available in the game.

Scab Type Enemies in Darktide

what are scabs darktide
what are dregs darktide

The Scab type enemies are members of Moebian Sixth, a regiment of elite soldiers. You can easily spot these types of enemies in darktide by their heavy armour with powerful weapons. Following are the type of Scabs enemies available in the Darktide.

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All Scabs Enemies TypeDescription
Scab Bruiser (Horde)Mainly the Scab bruiser carries the maul weapon and usually shows up with his team.
Scab Shooter (Horde)The Scab shooter equipped the laspistol and mainly attacked you from the distance and at close range, it will attack you with a Bayonet.
Scab Stalker (Horde)Scab Stalker also attacks you from a distance to reduce your toughness and at close range, it uses his sword.
Scab Flamer (Specialist)The Scab flamer mainly attacks from your behind using the flame thrower and if you get hit by these flames it will reduce your toughness completely.
Scab Sniper (Specialist)The Scab sniper likes to attack from long distances behind other enemies you can easily spot with a red laser that points at you.
Scab Trapper (Specialist)Scab Trapper usually attacks from your behind with a net to trap you.
Scab Gunner (Elite)Scab Gunner has a machine gun and mainly surprises his target with constant fire.
Scab Mauler (Elite)Scab Mauler always carries a massive chain axe so you can easily spot it among other enemies.
Scab Rager (Elite)The Scab Rager always rushes towards you and keeps attacking until you defeat it.
Scab Shotgunner (Elite)Scab Shotgunner primarily attacks in close range with the shotgun that deals a high amount of damage if you get it.
Scab Captain (Monstrosity)The Scab Captain is the boss that appears at end of a certain level. He uses the plasma gun and big maul. To defeat him firstly you need to break its shield before you deals damage to his health.

Dreg Type Enemies in Darktide

what are dregs darktide
what are dregs darktide

The Dreg is also a special type of enemies in Darktide. You can easily spot them by the few pieces of armour in their body with weapons. Mainly the Dreg enemies wear yellow clothes such as robes, headwraps and more. Similarly to the Scab the Dreg also has its own specialist enemies that we have mentioned below.

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All Dreg Enemies TypeDescription
Dreg Bruiser (Horde)The Dreg Bruiser is mainly shown in numbers and they attack you with a maul.
Dreg Stalker (Horde)Dreg Stalker carries the gun and shot you from the distance and at close range, they use the sword.
Dreg Tox Flamer (Specialist)Dreg Tox Flamer mainly attacks you from behind with the flame thrower to reduce your toughness.
Dreg Gunner (Elite)Dreg Gunner carries the big machine gun and surprises you with constant fire.
Dreg Rager (Elite)Dreg Ranger always rushes towards you to attack you need to kill it to stop it.
Dreg Shooter (Elite)Dreg Shooter prefers to fight in close range and deal a high amount of damage with the shotgun.

In simple words, Scabs and Dregs are two different types of enemies that you face while completing the missions in the Warhammer 40K: Darktide. This might help you to know what are the differences between the Scab and Dreg in darktide.

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This is the end of this short guide for more similar content such as how to defeat daemonhost and more do check our Warhammer 40K: Darktide guide panel.