What is an Unyielding Enemy in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Warhammer 40k darktide has its own vocabulary for its monster. They just don’t refer to enemies as big monsters, horrifying monsters, or any type of thing. We think that is because the enemies are not simple as in other random games.

There are a lot more enemies than unyielding enemies. All of them have unique names. Each of them has its own strength and own weakness. The other important thing to mention is, as per name the unyielding is not easy to defeat. The enemies will have unique powers and abilities. Further the unyielding have their armor that is hard to cut through.

There are not all enemies unyielding. Some of the monstrosities are normal and you can fight with normal weapons. But unyielding monstrosities are hard to defeat with regular weapons and strikes.

Darktide Unyielding Enemies – Introduction

While you battle with some of the bosses in darktide, the damage you have done on enemies, the unyielding trait will notice on some bosses. When this type of trait has in the boss, you have to find some of the weaknesses to knock out. Otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat them by simply attacking.

The unyielding monstrosities aren’t that easy to beat. The enemies tend to be repellent by staging or knocking out with weapons. But there is always a loop, you can stagger the unyielding enemies with weapons and skills like ogyrn skull breakers, bull rush, or a stricken attack from thunder hammer. In case you use weapons with low stagger you can’t be able to cut the armor even.

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The unyielding monstrosities depend upon the melee attacks. Their attack is brutal to face by the players. As an example, there is an enemy Rager. Rager has two versions one is an armored version and the other is an unarmored version. But both versions have dual-wielded exes with long combo chains.

The list of the unyielding enemies in Warhammer 40k darktide

There are enemies who are hard to defeat and some of them are not possible to defeat with ordinary weapons. There are different leagues of bosses like elite and specialist has different skills bar.

The bosses in darktide have heavy armor, weapons, skills, and strength, and it is not easy to defeat the team if they don’t have the perfect plan to execute. After defeating a few bosses and levelling up your tier you will have access to the meat grinder.

That will help players to practice and try combat in darktide to win against the elite and specialist monster leagues.

In elite and specialist some of the bosses are included in the category of unyielding enemies. The unyielding enemies have the traits that when you attack them you will know it. To battle against unyielding enemies you will need weapons with much more stagger.

There are some of the elite and specialists included unyielding enemies category:

  • Crusher
  • Reaper
  • Regar
  • Bulwark
  • Mutant

They are unyielding bosses in the darktide but don’t consider that other enemies are easy to defeat. The other enemies are less repellent to staging than the listed enemies. The mentioned enemies are hard to stagger.

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The weapons like ogryn skull breakers have 25% extra stagger power which is needed to use in battle.

Know this before making any move on unyielding enemies:

Crusher darktide unyielding enemies

This elite boss is not easy to defeat with the ogryn skull breakers. The crusher is a giant and its robustness them are not able to stagger through ogryn’s skull breaker. Plus point they have is their armor which is also not possible to cut easily. But every monster can be defeated with some weapons. Crusher will buckle from the flank.

Reaper darktide unyielding enemies

All enemies have their range of attack. The reaper does not have melee weapons, so it’s easy to defeat at close range than at a distance range. The reaper won’t be able to hit you with all his power from closed range. But if you are in distance from it you have to be careful with the attack, still, with the psyker or an explosive weapon, you can hit reaper hard.

Regar darktide unyielding enemies

Regar is easy to defeat compared to other unyielding enemies. Though you will need a dodging skill first. When the rager attacks you, you have to dodge the longer swings and make them rush and then you need to hit with the ogyrn skull breaker. It is kind of frustrating but you have to be a little patient with the regar.

Bulwark darktide unyielding enemies

The bulwark is also giant like a crusher. The bulk is not easy to defeat with the high stagger weapons. You will need a flank to battle with a bulwark. But a bulwark is hard to defeat in comparison to the crusher. Because the bulwark has a thick shield to protect them.

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Staging enemies with brain bursts

Brain burst will give you enough time to attack enemies with high stagging enemies. The brain burst will trap the enemies and they won’t be able to attack at that time. But the unyielding enemies will need more brain bursts to knock them out. As you use the psyker multiple time the brain burst on enemies will stumble back and eventually drop their shield and regard will stop firing the auto gun.

Wrapping up

The most important way to win the battle is to have patience before you make move. Know the strength and weaknesses of your enemies.

For if enemies attack range, where you can play safe in closed range or distanced range. Which weapons use first and which saves for the later part? The important is not attacking while fighting unyielding bosses, the important part is blocking and dodging attacks of enemies.

The use of high stagger weapons such as bull rush and thunder hammers and stun grenades. Also, we shared some tips for unyielding enemies. The enemies which carry melee weapons are hard to defeat at close range so don’t try to go near them.

First, let them rush on you and after dodging their attack, attack back on them. This way will help you survive in battle. That’s all for today try to use the presence of mind and choose your moves according to the situation.