What is Anti ECO in Valorant?

Hey there! VALORANT is an awesome FPS game that’s super popular right now. It’s all about your shooting skills and making smart decisions in the game.

If you want to up your game, take a cue from the pros and study your opponents to come up with killer strategies. And don’t forget about those Anti-Echo rounds!

They can really make a difference in your gameplay. Keep practicing and having a blast in VALORANT!

What is Anti-Eco in Valorant?

In VALORANT, the Anti-Eco stands for winning the Pistol Round really matters because it means you can buy better weapons, gear, or skills for the next round.

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But be careful with the Anti-Eco round! The losing team has less money and will likely save up, making it challenging. Don’t underestimate them!

Plan strategically, adapt to their tactics, and work together as a team. With the right approach, you’ll overcome the Anti-Eco round like a pro. Good luck and enjoy the game!

Tips for Winning Anti-Eco Rounds in Valorant

Crosshair Valorant

Play for picks

The eco team’s key to winning an anti-eco round is getting early picks against the opposing team. This will give them the upper hand in terms of numbers and allow for easier map control. So focus on those early eliminations, secure the advantage, and dominate the round!

Use your utility effectively

Turn the tables with clever utility usage. The eco team may lack top-tier weapons, but their smokes and flashes can level the playing field.

Create cover, blind opponents, and seize your chance to make an impact. It’s all about tactical finesse and making the most of what you’ve got. Unleash your resourcefulness and outsmart the competition in style.

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Play together

Stick together, communicate, and conquer. Unity is key for the eco team’s success. By staying close and coordinating their efforts, they can provide crucial support in battles.

Solid teamwork ensures everyone’s strengths are maximized, creating a formidable force. So rally your teammates, share information, and work in sync to achieve victory. Together, you’re unstoppable.

Ensure that every team member purchases weapons.

Don’t stick with just pistols in the Anti-Eco round. The enemy team will be at a disadvantage, but they’ll still aim to overwhelm.

Upgrade your weapons to have a fighting chance at defending the Sites. A single pistol won’t cut it against their coordinated attack. Stay prepared, adapt, and increase your firepower to secure the round.

Most important check the corners

Opponents of an eco-round will seek hidden opportunities to turn the tide. Watch out for shotgun purchases, as they’re common during Anti-Echo rounds. Stay cautious of opponents hiding in corners, ready to take you down.

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Best Weapons for Anti-Eco Rounds in Valorant


The Spectre is a cost-effective and versatile weapon, perfect for the eco team. It excels in close-quarters combat as well as medium-range engagements, offering flexibility in various situations.


The Bucky shotgun is a formidable choice for eco players seeking close-range dominance and a surprise advantage.


The Shorty is a budget-friendly, compact alternative to the Bucky shotgun. While it may not pack the same punch, it offers affordability and versatility.


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