What is Bleed and How its Work in Darktide?

Warhammer40K: Darktide has lots of stat’s that you can however there is not much information available about them. Bleed is one of the stat available in Darktide that comes in handy for you if you have proper information about it.

Here we featured a guide that explains what is Bleed stat and how you can use it in Darktide without having a hassle. Without further ado let me tell you what Bleed Stat stands for in Warhammer 40K Darktide.

What is Bleed Stat in Warhammer40K: Darktide?

Basically, the Bleed Stat deals damage to the opponent over time in Darktide the 1 stack of Bleed can deal 5 damage to the target. More importantly, the other stack will refresh the duration of the Bleed stack and increase the damage by more than five damage.

Mainly whenever you dealing with an armoured target such as Bulwark the Bleed stat comes in handy to deal a high amount of damage. With this stat, you can deliver you can easily dump damage to one opponent and simply start focusing on another opponent.

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If you playing as the Ogryn Skullbreaker well then you have 2 attacks that can use the Bleed. Such as the Blood and Thunder at level 10 that use bleed stat by the melee attack and the second Bull Gore at level 30 by the ultimate attack.

So now you understand the Bleed is a powerful stat that needs a powerful build to use it at full scale. The Warhammer 40K: Darktide is one of the popular action games that were available for the Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

This is the end of this short guide for more similar content do check our Warhammer40:Darktide guide panel to find more interesting content such as what is Soulblaze stat and more.