What is Capital Gold in Clash Of Clans?

Want to know ways to earn Capital Gold in Clash Of Clans and how to use it? Here’s a detailed explanation of that. Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

Clash of Clans, the real-time progressive game, is an exciting narrative based on combat. The game’s ultimate goal is to build clans and get strong so that you can battle other clans and players. It includes in-game currencies, which the players can earn to upgrade their clans.

There are four types of currencies in the game. Each currency has its value, a different way to earn, and different uses. For example, gold is more valuable than elixir, as it is used to build and upgrade buildings. Dark elixir is the most valuable currency, as it is used to train and upgrade the most powerful troops and spells. 

Players can earn resources by attacking other players’ villages, completing events, and opening chests. The game has four currencies:  Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Capital Gold. 

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Capital is an essential currency in the world of clash of clans. It is a valuable resource.

What is Capital Gold?

what is capital gold used for in clash of clans

Capital Gold is an in-game currency in Clash of Clans. Capital Gold was introduced in the clash of clans last year. It was introduced on April 26, 2022, with the release of the Capital Peak Update.

This is a new resource used to build and upgrade buildings in the Clan Capital, a new area that can be accessed by players who have reached Town Hall 14.

Hence any player that has reached Town Hall 14 can earn capital Gold

How To Earn Capital Gold?

There are a few to earn Capital Gold:

By Raiding Other Clan Capitals: This is possible when you battle another clan capital; you can loot their Capital Gold.

By Completing Season Challenges: There are multiple season challenges that you can play, which reward the player with capital gold. These challenges can be completed by attacking other players’ bases, donating troops to clan mates, and completing other tasks. 

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By Crafting Capital Gold: You can also craft Capital Gold; this can be done in The Forge, the building in the Clan Capital. This will require using other resources such as Eixir, Gold, and Dark Elixir.

Completing Capital Raids: These are new types of raids where you can attack other clan capitals, and when you succeed, you can earn double Capital Gold as a reward.

Participating in Raid weekends: These special events occur every weekend. You can earn double Capital Gold after raiding other clan capitals during this.

What Are The Uses Of Capital Gold?

By earning capital gold, you can help your clan grow and strengthen if you use it wisely!

There are many ways you can use Capital Gold;

  • You can Build new buildings
  • You can Upgrade your existing buildings 
  • Capital Gold can help you Unclock new districts 

Now that you know everything about capital gold, you can earn a lot of Capital Gold to up your Clan Capital game. 

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