Where To Find Ashika Island Intel from Underground Waterway in DMZ

Ashika Island is one of the most popular maps in the Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ. The map has lots of locations with dozens of valuable loot along with AI mobs. One of the locations on the map that is like a hot sausage for the DMZ players is Underground Waterway.

The Underground Waterway is located underneath the island map this location at the most player prefer to explore this location in DMZ. So be prepared before going to the Waterway with powerful weapons and lots of ammo.

If you are looking for a guide to find out how you can reach the Ashika Island Intel from Underground Waterway well then check our below guide to make your day.

Finding The Ashika Island Intel From Underground Waterway Intel in DMZ

You can enter the Ashika Island Underground Waterway through the Port Ashika tunnel the location is marked in the below-given map screenshot in a red circle.

Location of Ashika Island Underground Waterway Intel

The Tunnel is located in the middle of the two buildings. After entering the Port Ashika Tunnel make sure to take right from Tsuki Castle POI and move in a straight direction until you are a dead end. You will be at the large area on the right side you will see a gray colour container as shown in the below screenshot.

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Enter the container and beside the gate, at the corner, you will find the Ashika Island Intel. After collecting the island intel successfully extract the intel. Make sure to extract safely in case if you die in the middle of this quest you need to start from the beginning all over again.

This is all for the Ashika Island Intel in DMZ guide for more similar content you can check our COD guides.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ is available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Series X and S.