Fortnite: Where To Find Scout Regiment Footlockers

Fortnite Season 4 gets update v24.20, with some new skins and weapons like Attack on Titan Mikasa and Levi skins, ODM gear and more. If you looking to get your hands on these newly introduced items in Fortnite using the Scout Regiment Footlockers.

Here we cover all locations of Scout Regiment Footlockers which can be found randomly on the map. But there are certain locations that have high chances where footlockers are spawns for most of the players.

What is Scout Regiment Footlockers?

Scout Regiment Footlockers are the special chest that contains the ODM Gear, movement tools and weapons. However, most of the time players find regular loot in footlockers but the ODM Gear and other special tools are guaranteed to be found in these chests.

It’s totally on your luck if you get the special items on these chests or not but before that, you need to know where you can find the Scout Regiment Footlockers on the Fortnite map.

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Scout Regiment Footlockers Locations in Fortnite

The Scout Regiment Footlockers are rare chests to find on the Fortnite map. These Footlockers mostly spawn in the southwestern part of the Fortnite map.

The Fortnite.GG Twitter handler has shared the image that shows the Scout Regiment Footlockers distributed all over the Fortnite map.

Most players obtain get these footlocker chests in medieval areas having orange grass along with the POIs such as Anvil Square, Breakwater Bay and Citadel.

Getting Footlocker from Claims Locations

Players who already claim locations in the Fortnite map can obtain these chests from there. Whenever any player claimed the location, chests and enemies in the POI are marked on the player screen along with the teammates.

Simply enter the name of the claimed location and head to the capture point shown in the mini-map. Once the timer circle ends and the flag reaches the top of the pole that location is claimed by the player. The chest will appear after claiming the location and you can easily tell the difference between the regular and footlocker chest from the distance.

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Best of luck for getting the Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite and happy gaming!