Who is Leola Foreman? Meet George Foreman’s daughter

Professional America’s ex-boxer, George Foreman, George Foreman is a family man he has been married quite a few times and has many children. One of the former boxer’s daughters, Leola Foreman—who is she? Learn that and more in this article.

George Edward Foreman is a former American professional boxer, entrepreneur, and author. He was given the name “Big George.” George is a two-time world heavyweight champion. The former boxer is also an Olympic Gold Medalist. 

Throughout George’s life, he has been married four times and has ten biological children. George has also adopted two daughters. Lola Foreman is one of George’s daughters from his current wife. 

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Who is Leola Foreman?

Leola Foreman
Leola Foreman

Leola Foreman is popularly known as the daughter of George Edward Foreman, the American former professional boxer, businessman, author, and two-time winner of a heavyweight world championship. 

  • Mother: Marry Joan Martelly
  • Uncle: Roy Foreman
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Leola’s actual date of birth and place of birth are unknown. There isn’t any information available online about Leola’s personal life. She is likely primarily in her 30s, but her actual age isn’t revealed anywhere. Leola’s career was private and not known to the public eye. The net worth of Leola is unknown too, but the estimated net worth of George Foreman is $300 Million.

Leola Foreman and George Foreman
Leola Foreman

Leola Foreman Siblings 

Leola’s parents, Mary Joan Martley and George Foreman married on March 27, 1985. The couple got married one year after their marriage. The couple is blessed with five children. George has five more children from his previous marriages and has adopted two more daughters. Here is Leola Foreman’s Full sibling:

  • George Foreman VI
  • Natalie Foreman 
  • George Foreman IV 
  • George Foreman V

That is all there is to know about Leola Foreman, George Foreman’s Daughter. I Hope this article clarifies all your queries that you were looking for answers to.

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