Wild Hearts: Pet Kemono Seed Location And How To Get It

Kemono seeds are also a pet-based resource in Wild Hearts. They are a challenge for newcomers. You can get them by just hunting or petting wild animals. You don’t need to capture them. 

In this article, I have created a guide in which I am going to help you know what Kemono Seeds are, where you can get them, and how you can get them.

What is Kemono Seed?

Kemono seeds are pet-taming seeds. The in-game description of Kemono Seeds:

Kemono Seed is a material environmental Kemono possessing seed-like anatomical features. Such seeds can vary significantly in flavor and are shed when the creature in question is tamed.

Kemono Seeds Location

wildhearts pet kemono seed
wild hearts pet kemono seed

To get Kemono Seed in Wild Hearts, you will first need to capture a tiny squirrel or snake Kemono. Following are the locations where you can encounter them in Wild Hearts Pet.

  • Berrybright Squirrel found in Harugasami Way region 
  • Canecrown Viper of Haragasumi Way.
  • Frostberry squirrels found in the Fuyufusagi Fort region
  • Cherry Tinge Ladybugs found in the Akikure Canyon region 
  • Orangetufted Constrictors found in the Natsukodachi Isle 
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Kemono Seed Requirement

Before you try to catch pets in wild hearts, you need to first unlock the Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri. You can find it on the right side of the tree below the Launcher. You are likely able to do this after chapter 2 of the game.

It will cost you 1,000 Kemono Orbs to unlock the wildlife Cage, but once you have it, you can capture pets.

How to get Kemono Seeds?

kemono seed wild hearts
wild hearts pet kemono seed

To catch one of these, all you have to do is just walk toward the creature until the “catch” option appears. Some creatures flee once you get close to them, so try to be sneaky while trying to catch them

Grab one of these tiny creatures and then return to your Wildlife Cage and interact with it to place them inside. Once you return, all you need to do is wait. Go and fight a Kemono, explore around, or simply sit there. This won’t take long, though, before you see the “Collect Materials” prompt appear in front of the cage.

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Wild Hearts is a 2023 action role-playing video game developed by Omega Force. This game tasks the players to hunt massive monsters in Azuma, which is a fantasy world. In Wildhearts, there are several resources and various ways to get them. , several resources are Pet-based.