WildFrost Beginners Guide

In the thrilling world of Wildfrost, mastering action economy and board control is essential for success. Staying ahead on tempo and protecting your companions while setting up powerful combos are the main objectives.

WildFrost Guide
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For beginners, here are some helpful tips and tricks to get started:

  1. Deploy Companions Early: Always play your companions early in the fight, even if you need to use the redraw bell to draw them from the back half of your deck. This will give you an advantage on the board and allow you to plan your strategies.
  1. Cycle Your Units: Avoid recalling companions until they are about to die, as they lose all cooldown progress and become ineffective while in the deck. Distribute damage among your units, including the 3hp ones, to make the most out of their capabilities.
  1. Utilize Crowns: Buying crowns is a game-changer. Each crown comes with the benefit of “Draw your best card and take an extra turn,” providing a strong start to every fight. Equip crowns to all your companions for maximum impact, and don’t hesitate to move them around between battles for better synergy.
  1. Play the Best Cards: Use the redraw bell to search for your best cards instead of playing weaker ones. Keep your deck lean and focused, emphasizing cards that apply snow, summon units, or block hits. This way, you’ll consistently draw your most powerful cards each turn.
  1. Upgrade Wisely and Use Charms: Enhance cards that multiply their effects, like +2 attack on units with Barrage or multiple attacks. Stack charms on a single card to maximize its potential. Ensure you have at least two sources of snow or ink to stall and let your companions do all the damage.
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Some of the strongest cards for new players include Blank Mask, Noomlin Biscuit, Snowcake, Molten Dip, Pepper Flag + Spice, Big Berry, Snoffel, Chikichi + any sacrifice outlet, Foxee + any attack buff, and Yuki + Snow.

Focus on gaining charms, as they offer powerful interactions with other cards. Noomlin, Frenzy, Smackback, Snow, and Barrage are particularly valuable effects to fish for during battles.

Noomlin, in particular, is a game-changer. This keyword enables you to play multiple cards per turn, granting a huge advantage in action economy. Combine Noomlin with Noomlin Biscuit for continuous access to your best cards throughout combat.

General Tips

  • Choose card draw and companion slots for upgrade bells, as they are more beneficial than refresh bell cooldowns.
  • Monitor the reinforcements counter to set up your board before the next wave of enemies arrives. Make use of Woodhead and Flamewater to strategize effectively.
  • Farm with Gooblings and combos if you are ahead, as more gold allows you to buy crowns and charms, increasing your strength for future battles.
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With these tips in mind, embrace the challenges that await in the captivating world of Wildfrost. Mastering action economy and board control will pave your way to victory and an unforgettable gaming experience. Good luck, and have a blast exploring this fantastic game.