5 Theories on the One Piece Treasure

The Straw Hat Pirates are closing in on obtaining the One Piece treasure in the manga. Currently in Chapter 1091, Roronoa Zoro has locked horns with World Government agent Rob Lucci while Luffy has finally caught up to Admiral Kizaru. Epic showdowns are about to get initiated in the ongoing arc.

Egghead Arc is one of three arcs that constitute the ‘Final Saga’ as termed by Eiichiro Oda. Luffy already has three Road Poneglyphs and needs one more to find the Laugh Tale island where the One Piece is situated.

As the protagonist and his swashbuckling band draw closer to the farthest island from the Grand Line, fans have come up with interesting theories about the contents of the One Piece treasure. Oda did reveal that the treasure will be something tangible rather than conceptual. This simplifies pinpointing what it could be.

#1. The riches of the whole world

“Wealth, treasure, and fame” were the words associated with the One Piece treasure before former Pirate King Gol D. Roger was executed by the Marines. Most of the pirates who believe in the One Piece myth conclude that it contains gold, jewelry, and trinkets that have been never seen before.

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The whole idea of being a pirate in the One Piece universe is to be the wealthiest
and the most notorious person in the world. Successfully obtaining the titular
treasure after deceiving and defeating both Pirates and Marines guarantees
‘fame’ while the sparkling contents inside will guarantee ‘wealth and fortune.’

#2. Uranus, the Ancient Weapon

There are three weapons of mass destruction in the One Piece Universe, namely Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. Pluton was revealed to be a gigantic warship capable of destroying whole islands whose existence was only proven by blueprints. Princess Shiragoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom turned out to be the manifestation of Poseidon and had the power to communicate with Sea Kings.

The location of the third Ancient Weapon is unknown. It was first mentioned by Nico Robin in Chapter 650. Given how little is known about its form or powers, it can be assumed that the weapon lies in the One Piece.

Uranus could also have a corrupting influence on the possessor because Whitebeard exclaimed that “a great battle would engulf the entire world” upon its discovery.

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#3. The identity of Luffy’s mother

Gol D. Roger was the biological father of Portgas D. Ace, the adopted brother of
Monkey D. Luffy. There have also been astounding theories that Roger knew Luffy
would be the next Joy Boy – the liberator of the world. As such, even though the
manga hasn’t implied it yet, the former Pirate King may have been acquainted
with Monkey D. Dragon’s family as they were stepbrothers.

This is a shot in the dark but Roger could’ve hidden the truth about Luffy’s mother in the One Piece. She could’ve been a Warlord from her generation with destructive powers, such as that of Uranus, resulting in Luffy and the Straw Hat crew embarking in the search of the last Ancient Weapon and his mother.

#4. An all-powerful Devil Fruit

Imagine a Devil Fruit that possesses the powers of all the other Devil Fruits scattered in the One Piece Universe. This monstrous power could be locked and chained inside the treasure chest that the Straw Hats crew are after. Symbolically, it will be similar to Pandora’s box in Greek Mythology, where all the evils were stored by the Gods.

Given the fact that Oda was inspired by Greek Gods like Poseidon and Uranus to
conjure his lore, it won’t be a surprise that he associates the Pandora’s box myth with the One Piece treasure. Luffy could share it with his crew to be the all-powerful beings that take down the World Government and form a new order.

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#5. The secrets of the Great Kingdom

Exploits of the Straw Hat Pirates in the Grand Line are considered to be the reason why the World Government is bent on capturing them. The federation exists to maintain a balance between good and evil. However, they could also be trying to end Luffy’s mad search for the One Piece for a more sinister reason.

One of the most common theories is that the One Piece treasure contains secrets of the Old Kingdom or the key to accessing it. Also known as the Great Kingdom, it was an ancient civilization that Dr.Vegapunk believed was more technologically advanced than them until the 20 Kingdoms seemingly destroyed it.

Moreover, the World Government banned the research and deciphering of Poneglyphs because they were connected to the Old Kingdom. They believed it to be a threat to their security; almost confirming that the previous kingdom still exists in their world.