How to get Diamonds in Dawnlands?

Diamonds are an important in-game currency in Dawnlands. Players can use it to increase their backpack capacity (item, weapon, or trinket), purchase event-exclusive items, and also use them to revive themselves. Most notably, Diamonds in Dawnlands are used to hire followers for boss fights.

Diamonds are a premium currency that can be obtained via seven methods. Although it cannot be farmed as a resource in the open-world adventure game, it also doesn’t consume backpack space. A player would always be able to get the currency. Here are the methods to grind for Diamonds in Dawnlands.

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#1. Leveling up the Goddess Statue

Players are introduced to the Goddess Statue in the first chapter itself. Worshiping the statue by offering Stardust will provide the player with Diamonds and Recipe Pages. Moreover, it will increase the level of the statue and provide better rewards.

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#2. Daily Quests

You need a quest board to see the available side missions in Dawnlands. The minimum amount of diamonds obtained from a quest is 10 besides Coins. Quests refresh every day and are the most basic source for grinding in-game currency.

#3. Completing Achievements in Dawnlands

The Achievements tab can be found in the Menu section, which is indicated by a compass on the top-right corner. Completing them will require a lot of gameplay and Recipe Pages. Nonetheless, these will let you get the hang of the game.

#4. Opening Treasure Chests

Chests can be found scattered in the Dawnlands world or hovering in the air. Some of them require the right application of tools and weapons to obtain such as Pickaxe, Bow, and Torch. Goblin Camps and Dungeons always have one chest that includes Diamonds.

#5. Being a Brave 101 missions

We recommend completing these missions as you gradually progress to the next areas. Brave’s Guide is one of the best and easiest ways to acquire Diamonds in Dawnlands. It has four steps, based on the different regions one will encounter in the game.

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#6. Battlepass

Certain steps in the battlepass reward players with Diamonds. Purchase the premium battlepass to get better rewards and also a unicorn as your pet.

#7. Winning Events

Participate in multiplayer or single-player events to get Diamonds as well as rare resources that are used to upgrade or craft powerful items.

This is all for how to get Diamonds in Dawnlands for more similar content do check our Dawnlands guides section. Thanks for reading this guide hopefully you find it helpful.

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