A split with NBA Champion Jamal Murray is rumored to have occurred as a result of Harper Hempel’s provocative images from her Italian vacation.

Jamal Murray is a famous Canadian basketball player. He plays for the Denver Nuggets in the NBA (National Basketball Association). Aside from his professional life, Murray’s love life has also been in the limelight lately after rumors of breaking up with his college girlfriend, Harper Hempel

This article contains everything you need to know about Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel’s breakup rumors. 

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Did Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray break up? 

Harper Hempel
Harper Hempel

Jamal Murray is known to have one of the best comebacks in NBA history. Two years ago, Murray suffered a knee injury in ACL and could not play for some time. However, after his return, Nuggets won the 2023 NBA Champs Title. But, recently, Jamal’s love life hasn’t been as good as his career. 

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Jamal Murray and Harper Hampel’s breakup

Jamal Murray and Harper Hampels breakup
Harper Hempel

Harper Hempel has been Jamal Murray’s girlfriend since his college years. Harper played volleyball in college and had many awards to her credit. She met Jamal when he came to Villanova for a game. Since then, Jamal and Harper began dating each other.

However, in 2020, Murray accidentally shared an explicit video of her girlfriend on Instagram, and many people believe that the couple has broken since then. However, lately Harper’s vacation photos also further confirmed it. In addition to this, they no longer follow each other on Instagram. 

Role of Hempel’s Vacation Photos in Italy

Harper’s vacation photos were massive evidence to back up this rumor. In 2023, when Nuggets won the title of NBA champs, Harper was on vacation in Italy. Fans felt that it was odd and Harper should have celebrated Murray’s recent victory if they were together. 

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Instead, Harper posted her photos of having fun in Italy. She has even removed her pictures with her probable ex, Jamal Murray. 

In conclusion, we believe that rumors of Jampal Murray and Harper Hempel’s break up are valid. 

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