Adin Ross’ Sister breaks silence after brother was ‘tricked into seeing NFSW photo’

Adin Ross’s name has been coming up a lot lately in the news. Be it because of his transphobic remarks, which he is not guilty of, or of his excitement due to the release of his close friend Andrew Tate and his brother.

Another incident of drama took place last week when he was tricked by one of his viewers into seeing an NSFW image of what was believed to be his elder sister, Naomi Ross.

Let’s dive into the article below, where I will tell you more about the drama of Adin Ross’s sister.

Adin Ross was Tricked into seeing an NSFW picture

Adin was on a live stream on Discord, interacting with his fans and viewing a bunch of random photos when suddenly a video of a tree branch being cut appeared on the screen. However, soon the video transitioned into a nude image, which viewers speculated to be his elder sister Naomi Ross.

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Adin immediately went off the screen and was furious at this incident. He clarified to his viewers that this was not a joke, and they took it too far.

Adins’ sister did not comment on this, but recently she opened up about this incident and clarified that the girl in that picture was not her.

She said that she learned about this incident when she opened her social media feed, and people started to make comments about her.

Adin Ross’ sister Naomi opens up about the recent controversy

After Naiomi gave her side of the statement on this drama, he and Adrian’s fans asked her to ignore the hate and keep moving forward in her life. An Only fan model also came out in support, claiming that the girl on the stream was her, not Naomi.