QTCinderella Stares Into Legal Void Over Explicit Deep Fakes

Blaire, known online as QTCinderella, is an American Twitch streamer and a YouTuber. She is the creator and Co-host of the Streamer Awards. This 29-year-old streamer had 89.7 million views on her main channel.

Recently QT was one of the victims, like several other girls, in a Non-consensual Deepfake explicit, Porn target. There’s an illegal site where they post deep fake p*rn of people, especially Female Twitch Streamers.

QTCinderella was also targeted, and she decided to speak about it. She did a very emotional and vulnerable short live stream stating this issue, and she said she would not hold back, nor should anyone else, and she would take legal action on this.

Let’s look into what happened and what QTC Cinderella said in her short live stream.

Atrioc’s Live Stream

On the 30th of January’s night, Atrioc did a live stream where he watched a website that hosted deep fake explicit content. Brandon Ewig, known as Atrioc online, is an American Twitch Live Streamer.

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Atrioc was caught paying for that deep fake website that posted nude explicit content of Twitch streamers. Atrioc then leaked that website on his stream, where all the viewers saw the explicit deep fake content. QTCinderella was one of the victims of the deep fake explicit content.

Atrioc apologized after he was caught. He admitted the leak was a mistake. He said he wanted to see the site because of “morbid curiosity.” streamers were against his action cause because of this mistake, every one of his viewers headed to the website to see what it was. Many streamers discovered they were on this website due to his life.

QTCinderella’s Live Stream  

QTCinderella came live not long after Atrioc’s apology stream addressing this. The stream was short and only a few minutes, but she spoke about “Exploitation and objectification of women on the platform”. She said she would take action and sue that website. 

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She started the live stream by saying, “I wanted to go live because this is what pain looks like.” She was very emotional and furious about this objectification and sexualization of her body without her consent.

She also said that she has to pay monthly money to take stuff sexualizing her without her consent, which should not be a part of her job. She said to the maker of the website that she promised that she would sue him. 

This sexualization and harassment of women has become extreme, destroying hundreds of lives. QTCinderella successfully took that site down, but the pain that has caused her won’t go away.