AEW Fight Forever Hidden Wrestlers Unlocking Guide

For wrestling fans who grew up on titles like No Mercy and Smackdown, AEW’s inaugural wrestling game brings back a lot of memories. There are now five mystery characters in AEW Fight Forever for players to uncover, as well as additional that may be unlocked with DLC.

While the paucity of options in AEW Fight Forever has been criticized, the primary narrative mode, ‘Road To Elite,’ offers lots of replayability. Two of the current hidden characters may be discovered here.

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AEW How To Unlock The 5 Hidden Wrestlers 

Aubrey Edwards

Former AEW video game creator turned AEW referee makes her gaming debut. She went from being the primary developer of Scribblenauts Unlimited to being an official referee with a 1-0 record. Aubrey is one of the game’s most accessible characters. There are no specific conditions for obtaining her.

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Cody Rhodes

Despite being committed to WWE, Rhodes spent over two years in AEW, where he amassed a 47-18 record. Like Edwards, Rhodes may be the simplest wrestler to uncover. When you first start the game, he only costs 10,000 AEW Cash at the shop. Edwards and Rhodes will both be on the “More Items” section.

Owen Hart

Hart is the simplest to unlock, although the most time demanding of them all. To unlock him, you must complete 100 exhibition matches. You don’t have to play as or against anyone in particular, and the difficulty is irrelevant. Simply play 100 matches and he will be available for purchase in the shop for 50,000 dollars. You’ll have more than enough money at this stage to unlock him.

Paul Wight

Wight can be obtained by playing Road To Elite and is the most difficult to obtain. You must keep losing all of your matches until you reach the plot “Who’s Ribbing Me?” to obtain him. Keep losing matches until you’re forced to confront him in a three-minute match. It won’t be easy, but if you beat him, he’ll be available for 30,000 dollars in the shop.

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Brodie Lee Jr. 

Unlocking Brodie Lee is likely the most difficult, yet it is still rather simple. When the Casino Battle Royale begins, you’ll have to lose. Following that defeat, proceed to win all of your subsequent matches until the following plot block.

That’s how to unlock the Hidden Wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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