Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Loot Table: Weapons & Armor

Destiny 2’s Gardens of Salvation comes with great-looking weapons and armor, which players can collect in the Raid.

Some weapons are considered as top weapons in the game. This Vex-based Raid is open to all players with recommended levels at the Boss of 940, and 920-940 is acceptable in good teams or new players. Below mentioned is the list of weapons and armor available for your taking. 


Prophet of Doom Shotgun

Prophet of Doom Shotgun Destiny 2
Garden of Salvation Loot Table

With the help of the right mods, Prophet of Doom is an excellent shotgun for long-range attacks, and its perks include Full auto and two-punch mode. The only drawback is that it is time-consuming when you need a fast load. 

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Omniscient Eye Sniper Rifle

Omniscient Eye Sniper Rifle Destiny 2
Garden of Salvation Loot Table

Omniscient Eye Sniper Rifle is one of the best rifles in Garden of Salvation and is handicapped by its limited perks, which are no distraction and Snapshot Sights. Players can pick this weapon by completing the final encounter. 

Ancient Gospel Hand Cannon

Ancient Gospel Hand Cannon Destiny 2
Garden of Salvation Loot Table

Ancient Gospel is a name of reliability and consistency but needs some perks to the point where you are confident using it. Its reload speed is wanting, but the recoil is stable during the rapid fire. 

Accrued Redemption Bow

Accrued Redemption Bow Destiny 2
Garden of Salvation Loot Table

Accured Redemption with suitable god rolls is a powerhouse that utilizes both Archer’s Tempo and RapidHit, ultimately allowing it to fire two bows. This bow takes a second to a full charge.  

Zealot’s Reward Fusion Rifle – Best in PVP

Zealots Reward Fusion Rifle Destiny 2
Garden of Salvation Loot Table

A PVP monster that you can get by completing the first encounter of raid, which means you do not have to complete the raid. This monster of weapon drop boasts impeccable base stats, which can be built upon with multiple God Rolls to increase its potency. 

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Sacred Provenance Pulse Rifle – Best in PVE

Sacred Provenance Pulse Rifle Destiny 2
Garden of Salvation Loot Table

If you are looking for a weapon that decimates the enemy swiftly, Sacred Provenance is best. It fires four bullets with a single trigger and comes with multiple perks, which ultimately enhances its performance. 


Garden of Salavation armor comes in three sets, including one each for Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Below is a list of armors in each set.  

Warlock includes Mask of Righteousness – Chest Armor, Boots of Ascendancy- Leg Armor, and Temptation’s Bond – Warlock Bond. Titan includes Helmet of Righteous – Helmet, gauntlets of Exalation – Gauntlet, Plate of Transcendence – Chest Armor, greaves of Ascendancy – Leg Armor, and Teptation’s Mark – Titan Mark. 

Hunter Armor includes Cowl of Righteousness – Helmet, Grips of Exaltation – gauntlets, Vest of Transcendence – Chest Armor, Strides of Ascendancy – Leg Armor, and at last, Cloak of Temptation – Hunter Cloak.