Animal Crossing How To Escape Wasps

Wasps are a pain in Animal Crossing, especially if players can’t figure out how to avoid getting stung by them. Fortunately, there are several strategies they may employ to avoid wasps. Here are some simple methods for avoiding stings when shaking trees in New Horizons.

Aside from being one of the most prevalent insects in the franchise, wasps are important since they are one of the few ways in the Animal Crossing series that players can truly get wounded. If the player character is captured in a wasp swarm, their face will enlarge until they are treated with medication.

In past games, they would have to pay Bells to purchase a cure. New Horizons makes things a bit easier by allowing users to produce their own medication using a DIY formula, provided they have the necessary components.

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Finding Wasps on the Island

One of the first things new gamers will do on their island is to begin collecting basic equipment for earning bells. Catching fish and bugs is also the primary means of bringing Blathers and his museum to the island, allowing players to begin donating their treasures.

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Excess bugs and fish can be sold to Timmy and Tommy in the Resident Services tent in exchange for some easy bells. Wasps are one of the first pests that players may encounter on their islands.

Shaking trees may help players discover wasps, which is required for obtaining tree branches for crafting and random objects like bells or furnishings. Unfortunately, wasps do not simply sit back and wait for gamers to catch them.

Wasps will pursue players continuously until they enter a structure, catch them, or sting them. While wasp stings leave a visible mark on the player character, they may be treated with medication that can be purchased or made.

Dealing with Wasps on the Island

The most effective technique of controlling wasps is to catch them using a net. Players in New Horizons can really shake trees with tools in their hands. This makes catching wasps when they fall off of trees much easier.

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That’s how to escape wasps in Animal Crossing as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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