Animal Crossing How to Earn Bells

Bells are the in-game money required for transactions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They can be used for transactions between individual players or between players and other villagers such as Daisy Mae, the Nook brothers, and others.

Players can earn Bells in a variety of ways, just like they can buy a variety of products with them. Here are some of the quickest ways for players to earn the most Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

How to earn bells in Animal Crossing

Here are a few ways to earn bells in Animal Crossing.

Sell fish and bugs to the Nook brothers

In New Horizons, players can spend their time capturing various fish, bugs, and other things. After capturing a couple of these animals, gamers have two options on what to do with them. The goods can be donated to Blathers at the Museum or sold to C.J. or the Nook brothers at Nook’s Cranny. If players are in need of Bells, they can choose the latter and generate some quickly.

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Invest in the Stalk Market

Players can buy turnips from Daisy Mae in the Stalk Market and sell them for higher earnings on their island the following week. They can sell the turnips on their own islands or visit the islands of other players to sell them for a significant profit. Although not entirely dependable, the Stalk Market is regarded as one of the quickest methods to generate a big amount of Bells in New Horizons.

Sell unwanted items

Most New Horizons gamers are guilty of stockpiling items in their inventory that they will never use. This is where the Nook brothers come in, since players may sell stuff to them for affordable amounts. This manner, individuals may clean their inventory while simultaneously earning some Bells.

Dream Bell Exchange Tickets

Dream Bell Exchange Tickets is one of the simplest ways to quickly stack up huge numbers of Bells. Players can acquire Dream Bell Exchange Tickets by visiting other players’ dream islands. When they have gotten it, they can exchange it for 5,000 Bells at Nook’s Cranny.

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So these are some of the ways to earn bells in Animal Crossing as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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