Animal Crossing How To Win Card Game

The longer you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the more you discover that the folks that dwell on your island may truly make or break your game experience. You may invite up to ten different villagers to your island, and if you’re lucky, they’ll provide the right balance of amusing talks and personalities.

Of course, even if you already have ten neighbors, you could wish to welcome a new resident to your island. This is where the campground comes in. You’ve probably seen the awful card game that determines whether they’ll migrate to your Animal Crossing island – here’s how to win it.

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How to win card game in Animal Crossing

If you’re unfamiliar with the card game in question, it’s actually rather straightforward. When a campground visitor comes to your island, there’s a possibility they’ll stay and become a full-time resident. But it will take some serious effort on your part to make it happen.

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When you communicate with your campground guest, they will ultimately offer to play a card game with you. At first, they’ll give you gifts, generally something they’re wearing or something they brought with them. To play the game, you must guess the random card that is drawn. They’ll inform you whether you have to predict the color or the suit ahead of time.

But here’s the thing: it feels almost impossible to win this game. The stakes eventually rise: they’ll offer to relocate to your island if you win the card game. Obviously, you don’t want to lose a desirable neighbor.

There is no tried-and-true approach for winning the game. It truly is a game of luck. On the plus side, you may play several times! In fact, if you keep talking to the camper, they’ll ultimately make the same offer, and you’ll be able to keep playing until you win.

In certain circumstances, if you harass the camping visitor enough, they’ll finally bypass the game and head straight to Resident Services. Just keep in mind that you may have to stand there for a long time pounding the A button.

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That’s how to win card game in Animal Crossing as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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