Are Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo related?

Nyemar Junior and Cristiana Ronaldo are considered among the all time greatest players in football. Both are known for their unique technique of scoring goals, amazing skills and tactics.

Apart from being great footballers, neymar and ronaldo share much in common. Due to this, there have been many rumors that they are brothers in real life.

On a YouTube page by IShowSpeed’s, there was a video uploaded which highlighted the similarities shared between the two players such as both of them have the same birth date i.e February 5. Although their birth year is not the same. The two stars’ mother tongue is also pPortuguese.

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If you are a fan and want to know more about neymar and ronaldo, keep reading the guide i have prepared below.

Are Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar actual brothers in real life?

The video posted on Youtube further revealed that the name of Ronaldo’s grandfather was similar to Neymar, that is Neymar Cirilo Aveiro.

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Additionally, it outlined an incident in which Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores, became pregnant after eight years of Ronaldo being born. Still, the family decided to give away their son after naming him neymar, and a brazilian family then adopted the kid.

However such news are just rumors and nothing else as these incidents are never confirmed by the families of the stars. Also the actual name of Cristianos grandfather is Humberto Cirilo Aveiro. The story of neymar being adopted also turned out to be fake. We can safely say that Ronaldo and Neymar are not actual real-life brothers.

They both have siblings of their own. Ronaldo has 2 sisters who are older than him, Katie and Elma. Both the sisters have always supported their brother both privately and publicly.