Best Loot Zones in COD Mobile Battle Royale

When it comes to battle royale games, it becomes imperative to get the best equipment possible at the beginning of the game.

It lays the foundation for solid gameplay as players with stronger armor and better guns have an obvious advantage over enemies during shooting trade-offs. Thus, players choose to drop at the best loot zones in COD Mobile Battle Royale.

High-Tier Loot Zones are teeming with other players. The high-risk, high-reward gameplay may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Nonetheless, surviving the early onslaughts is guaranteed to result in getting orange-tier gear either from their crates or from general looting. For those unclear about the loot colors in COD Mobile, here is a list.

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best loot in codm
  • Gray color loot means Common gear
  • Green color loot means Uncommon gear
  • Blue color loot is Rare gear
  • Purple color loot means Epic gear
  • Orange color loot means Legendary gear

The better the gear, the more damage it can do or withstand in Battle Royales. These colors are also used to differentiate the rarity of skins in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to get best-tier loot in Call of Duty Mobile?

Unlike PUBG Mobile, there are no specific high-tier loot locations in Call of Duty Mobile. The locations keep changing in every game. Luckily, players can know these areas by simply keeping an eye on the map.

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While still onboard the plane, players in CODM Battle Royale can notice orange-colored names on the Map. It indicates that these are the areas where players are guaranteed to find Legendary-tier loot. Termed “hot spots”, note that the locations are mainly concerned about the Tiers rather than the quantity of loot.

For example, if a four-man squad lands on a hot spot, only two may get orange gear. The rest might only find Rare or Uncommon. In the most dire cases, they have to equip Common Gear and defend themselves from multiple attacks.

Which are the best places to find loot in CODM?

Dock, Pier+New Vision City, and Downtown usually have a good range of weapons and armor. Moreover, in almost every game, Killhouse, Launch Base, and Nuclear Plant are swarming with enemies as these regions are at the center of the Map. The Blue Zone usually ignores such places for the first two or three times.

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This is all for high loot zone in cod mobile for more similar guides do check our Call of Duty Mobile guides section.

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