Minecraft: What Does SMP Means? Answered

smp meaning minecraft

The SMP in Minecraft stands for Survival Multiplayer (SMP) is a new way for players to enjoy Minecraft by playing the game online with other players. There are several types of SMP servers that players can join depending on their preferred play style, including Anarchy, Peaceful, and Modded. For many players, SMP servers serve as … Read more

How To Breed Frogs in Minecraft?

How To Breed Frogs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can now breed frogs. They can be found in swamp biomes and are generally quite peaceful. However, on occasion, they may decide to attack other mobs in the game. When it comes to looting, frogs aren’t particularly valuable. They only drop experience orbs when they’re defeated, so don’t expect to find any … Read more