Minecraft: What Does SMP Means? Answered

The SMP in Minecraft stands for Survival Multiplayer (SMP) is a new way for players to enjoy Minecraft by playing the game online with other players. There are several types of SMP servers that players can join depending on their preferred play style, including Anarchy, Peaceful, and Modded.

For many players, SMP servers serve as a community space where they can play with friends.

In this article, we will explore the different types of SMP servers available and provide guidance on how to join one.

Different Types Of SMP Servers In Minecraft

Minecraft has three primary game modes: Survival, Creative, and Hardcore. Survival Multiplayer (SMP) is a version of the game that falls under the Survival mode. SMP servers come in different types, such as Vanilla, Peaceful, and Anarchy, each with its own set of specific rules.

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While every server has its own unique set of rules, these classifications can help players determine what to expect when joining a particular SMP server.

Vanilla SMP Servers

Vanilla SMP servers offer an unchanged Minecraft experience for players who want to play with friends. These servers are unmodded and include all the base game features.

Semi-Vanilla SMP Servers

Semi-Vanilla SMP servers include quality-of-life changes to prevent Minecraft from becoming too difficult. These servers use plugins that add to the base gameplay without changing too much. 

Modded SMP Servers

Modded SMP servers offer a variety of custom content and game dynamics through various plugins and mods. Players can do everything from reenacting the hunger games to participating in an in-game economy. Skyblock is a popular modded server type that challenges players to survive on floating islands with fewer resources. 

Peaceful SMP Servers

Peaceful SMP servers disable PvP, allowing players to focus more on building and the community aspects of the game without fear of griefing from other players. Players must avoid damaging other players’ buildings, structures, stealing items, or setting traps to avoid being temporarily or permanently banned.

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Faction-Based SMP Servers

Faction-based servers allow players to form guilds/clans/factions with friends and other players. Players must protect their faction’s land, loot, and property from enemies. Some servers split factions into sides such as good/evil and light/dark.

Anarchy SMP Servers

Anarchy servers have few or no rules, allowing players to do anything they like. These servers can quickly become ruthless and competitive, and players may experience griefing or toxicity. Anarchy servers may not be suitable for everyone.

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