Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Open Gnarled Door

Auntie Ethel appears to be a nice elderly lady who only wants to assist – which, given all that has occurred to your character, should raise a warning signal. You’ll have to chase her into a fireplace and into the Overgrown Tunnel once your talk with her devolves into stabbing. There, you’ll come upon a massive, tree-faced Gnarled Door that refuses to let you through.

This guide will explain how to get past the stubborn door-person and how to maintain your sanity while doing it.

How to open the Gnarled Door

There are a lot of sad, unhappy folks to engage with when you explore the Entrance Gallery of the Overgrown Tunnel beneath Auntie Ethel’s Gnarled Treehouse, but not much to pick up. On the west side of the tunnel, there is just one additional entrance – the Gnarled entrance.

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The door will not let you pass no matter how much you talk, threaten, or try to persuade it. A few Whispering Masks may be found on a table to the right of the entryway. The trick to passing through the Gnarled Door is to have one member of your group wear the Whispering Mask at the time. However, there is a significant caveat to this.

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How to protect yourself against the Whispering Mask

Your character will begin making Wisdom Saving Throws against Auntie Ethel’s Ephemeral Whispers after passing through the Gnarled Door. If you fail to save, you will lose control of that character, and they will battle the rest of your group.

Put the mask on someone with a high Wisdom score and, preferably, competence in Wisdom Saving Throws, such as a Druid. This just means they have a larger chance of surviving the mind control, and you’ll have to rely on luck to get through it.

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You can remove the mask once your party is inside. This, however, will make Auntie Ethel’s four level 4 thralls in the following chamber hostile to you (the Masks of Terror, Vengeance, Regret, and Servitude). Keeping the mask on will keep them from becoming hostile, but you’ll need to keep rolling against Ephemeral Whispers.

That’s how to open the Gnarled Door in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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