Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Open Sarcophagus

The Dank Crypt is one of the first dungeons that Baldur’s Gate 3 players are likely to encounter, and it can be a harsh experience. They can be transformed into ashes in seconds by a cunning trap, just because they attempted to open a Sarcophagus at the dungeon’s entrance. So without further ado let’s dive into how to open Sarcophagus shall we!

How to Open Sarcophagus in BG3 

To begin, you must locate Astarion and invite him to join your party. His Rogue abilities allow him to pick locks and disable traps, allowing you to deactivate the traps strewn across the Dank Crypt’s entry area.

He can be reached by passing through the Nautiloid wreck and heading north. He’ll then leap the player character and can be persuaded to join you via a dialogue encounter. Respond nicely to him and soon forgive him for his ambush, and he should readily join your side.

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Return to the Dank Crypt and go to the Sarcophagus after he has joined your company. The quickest method to get there is to go to the ancient door near where you discovered Shadowheart. Make a save before attempting to pick the door’s lock using Astarion. If he fails, load the save file and attempt again until he succeeds.

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How to Disarm Sarcophagus Room Traps

Head inside and build a fresh save once he opens the door. Then, carefully wander about the room until certain perception checks are triggered. If they succeed, trap vents will be shown around the area, which Astarion can easily disable, as well as a button you can click to disarm further traps on the ceiling. If the tests fail, restart your save and go about the room until all of them are visible.

Make a new save when the button and all of the traps are visible, and then have Astarion try to disarm the traps one by one. Reload the save and try again if he fails. Repeat until all of them are unarmed, then hit the button. This will prevent all of the traps from triggering and allow you to explore the Sarcophagus without difficulty.

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That’s how to open Sarcophagus in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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