Best Games to Play with Family without Anything

Back when technology hadn’t evolved, families were reliant on a collaborative spirit for a fun game night. Those were the days when people grouped and brainstormed different games to play without the use of any gaming systems or mobile phones.

Interest in board games and card games had ceased in favor of more interesting and interactive games to play with family without anything.

The practice isn’t forgotten. From picnics with family to long drives, there needs to be something to kill time and bond with fellow loved ones.

Coming up with family games that require no physical material could be a bit challenging, although once you remember these games, you have plenty of options for fun at home or outdoors.

Games to Play with Family without Anything

Here is a list of the five best games to play with family without anything.

playing games with family
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Charades is one of the most entertaining games to play with family that requires no stationary or object. It requires good mimicking skills and the use of memory. A minimum of two players is required.

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The rules are simple: a player acts out a word or phrase, for example, the name of a movie or book, while the other tries to guess it correctly in a limited amount of time.

The team who guesses correctly the most amount of times, in supposedly ten rounds, wins the game. To spice things up, the opposing team could choose one player from the other team and whisper a word. The player will then have to act in front of his teammates. Giving verbal clues is strictly against the rules.

Two Truths & A Lie

The gist of the game is that a person comes up with three facts about themself. Two of them are true while one is a lie.

The other player/players must call out the lie. This is a fun game in which the participants can unleash their inner Loki and deceive others by combining misleading facts about themselves with the truth.

Red Light Green Light

Netflix series Squid Games popularized one of the classic games to play with family without anything. Red Light Green Light is similar to the Japanese ‘Daruma-san ga koronda’ game. 

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One person is chosen to be the traffic light and they stand at a distance from other players, who stand in a horizontal line facing the the traffic light.

The goal of the game can vary: it can either be to go ahead of the person personifying the traffic light or be the last person standing.

When the person who is the traffic light says ‘Green Light,’ the other players move forward until he or she spins around after calling ‘Red Light’. Players are eliminated if the person sees anyone moving during the ‘Red Light’ phase.

Improv Game

Rooted in acting and comedy, improv games can be formulated in a variety of ways. Players will need to draw papers with movie character names from a hat and enact them or others can suggest actions or scenarios and he/her must act them out.

To increase the competition, a few people could act as judges and grade the player’s acting skills.

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Name, Place, Animal, Thing

A pencil and paper is required to play this game. As the name implies, players must write down the name of a person, place, animal, or thing that begins with a specific alphabet. The alphabet is decided by pulling paper chits from a hat, and the letter is revealed to the other players.

Once disclosed, participants must write as quickly as possible and call ‘Stop’ when finished. The other players will then need to stop midway.

If someone’s name of a person, place, animal, or thing coincides with another’s list, they both get half the points, let’s say five points instead of ten. Play until all 26 alphabets have been used.

Remember to play these games in your next family gathering to relax with your pals. The best part is that you don’t need to arrive prepared, simply know the rules of each game and you’re good to go!

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