Best Offensive Playbook Madden 23

If you want to succeed in Madden NFL 23, you need a good offensive playbook. Do you need clarification on the best playbook in Madden 23? I have created a guide for you on the ten best offensive playbooks in Madden 23.

Defensive players can easily read the plays, but it is challenging to play offense. The opposing defensive line can also dominate your offensive line. So you are only able to run a few yards.

Defense can be dealt with with the right playbooks. The best playbooks in NFL 23 are the Chiefs, Patriots, Lions, and Saints. Creative offenses can determine a good playbook. Here are the best offensive playbooks you can read to deal with defense.

Madden 23 Guide
best offensive playbook madden 23

10 Best Offensive Playbooks in Madden 23

Here is a table of the best ten offensive playbooks in Madden 23, with their strengths and weaknesses.

Baltimore RavensRun-heavy playbook with variously designed quarterback runs.It can be predictable Against good defenses.
Kansas City ChiefsPlay-action heavy playbook with many options for tight ends.It can be challenging to run the ball with.
New England Patriots/Oakland RaidersIt balanced the playbook with a good mix of running and passing plays.Doesn’t have any one particular strength.
Pittsburgh SteelersPlaybook with a lot of man coverage beaters.It can be challenging to run the ball with.
San Francisco 49ersWest Coast offense playbook with a lot of timing routes.It can take time to execute against good defenses.
Los Angeles RamsPlaybook with a lot of spread formations and options for receivers.It can be challenging to Run the ball with.
Seattle SeahawksPlaybook with a lot of read-option plays and designed quarterback runs.Passing the test will be Difficult.
Green Bay PackersPlaybook with a lot of play-action passes and deep shots.It can be tough to run the ball with.
Indianapolis ColtsPlaybook with many screens passes and quick-hitting plays. It canPassing the ball downfield can be difficult.
Buffalo BillsPlaybook with a lot of spread formations and options for receivers.It can be challenging to run the ball with.
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