Who is Joe Rogan Daughter: Meet Kayla Rose , Rosy Rogan and Lola Rogan 

We all know Joe Rogan as the American commentator, but what about his family? Who is Joe Rogan’s daughter? Learn about Joe Rogan, his family, his daughter, and more in this article.

The UFC commentator and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan is the man behind the world’s biggest podcast, “JRE.” Joe Rogan is known as a family man. He often talks about his family and shares his life with his guests on his podcast

Joe Rogan has been married to his wife for years now. Joe Rogan has three children in total, all three of them daughters. The oldest one, Kayja Rose, isn’t his biological daughter but, in fact, his stepdaughter. 

Joe Rogan’s Wife 

joe rogan wife
Joe Rogan Daughter

Joe Rogan’s Wife: Jessica Ditzel

Joe married Jessica in 2009. She was a former cocktail waitress before their marriage. Jessica was in a relationship with the late H-town singer Keven Conner before meeting Joe. She has a daughter with him.

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Jessica and Kevin had broken up when he died in a car accident in 2003 with his then-girlfriend, Teysha Rae Weisent.

Jessica and Joe met in 2001. They dated for eight years, and they finally got married in 2009. 

Joe Rogan’s Daughters

Joe Rogan Daughter name
Joe Rogan Daughter

Joe Rogan’s Daughters: He has three daughters. One step, and two of his biological daughters. 

Step-daughter: Kayla Rose 

Kayja Rose is the daughter of Jessica Ditzel and her deceased husband, Keven Conner. Joe legally adopted Kayja after his marriage to Jessica. Kayja Rose is a 26-year-old American singer and upcoming songwriter. She debuted in 2017. 

Oldest Biological Daughter: Rosy Rogan 

Rosy Rogan was born in 2008, and she is now 14 years old

Youngest Biological Daughter: Lola Rogan 

Lola, the youngest member of the Rogan family, was born two years after her elder sister and is now 12 years old.

That’s all about American family man Joe Rogan and his daughters.

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